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  • bikebouy

    I don’t have any, sorry.

    But very best of luck to you and your family.


    Ms TT was born in Southmead and spent her first days in the NICU. That is the best facility in the SW of England. We saw babies in there that had been 1lb at birth. They had a long road ahead, as did the parents, but we saw one just about to go home in our time there.
    It won’t feel like it, but it is the very best place and will move heaven and earth for the little one. Be positive – we were and so were the other parents there.


    You never know. mrs deadly’s step-brother’s partner gave birth at a similar stage, and around the same weight. She survived and though she has very special needs and will always, she made it. Positive thoughts your way. I’ll never forget visiting NICU in Worcester Hospital that Christmas. Some really heartbreaking cases there. All the best. x


    No positive stories, I’m afraid.

    Just hope all works out well for your family.

    Premier Icon TPTcruiser

    Less than a bag of sugar babies have survived in the past. Hey there is a blog.

    Tom B

    Hope everything works out well. My cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer whilst pregnant and had an emergency c section at 30 weeks. Her son Nathan weighed 3lbs exactly when born. He is doing well now, I won’t trouble you with tales of his ongoing health.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    My boy was born 18months ago at 27wks. 2lbs7oz. Got his first bike this weekend.

    It’s going be a tough rollercoaster of a ride but the NICU at Bristol is really good.


    As said their in the best facility in the area.
    again as has all ready been said younger and lighter babies have survived.

    Positive thoughts


    My brother and his wife had twins several years ago in similar circumstances. The smaller one was 1lb 2oz with a hole in the heart.

    First 3-4 years were grim with treatment, surgery etc but she’s now a healthy happy teenager. The only long term issue is she’s always a bit behind her sister on size & co-ordination.

    Premier Icon althepal

    Our second wee one was a few weeks early (so not really early at all) and was in SCBU for a week.
    Was pretty emotional seeing him in there but on the way out after my first time in there I made the mistake of looking at some of the thank you cards on the wall. Saw plenty that were a similar weight to the wee one of your step bro’s,possibly even less.. Walked out crying like a baby, then cried again when I went back in and realised how relatively well ours was.. Did a lot of crying that day.
    Doing a wee bit just now thinking about it..jeezo.
    Anyways, the nurses (and doctors) in these places really are just amazing- hoping for a positive outcome and all fingers staying crossed- keep us posted on the wee ones progress.


    My sister was 2lbs born in 1968. She is fit and healthy. 18 years ago she gave birth to a girl at 1lb 9 oz. She spent time at bristol but is now fit n healthy, doing sports coaching and management at uni.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    my only other advice would be don’t be afraid to challenge the consultants.

    you (or they) will spend more time there than anyone else. between my wife and I, we were on the ward from about 6am to 11pm, 7 days a week, for four months. at times we would be there 24 hours a day.

    we picked up a couple of issues a long time before the consultants did and had to fight to get them to take us seriously.

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    My youngest nephew was about 2lb when born, spent months in ICU but is now a healthy 7 year old with only a few premature birth related issues (all minor, being small for his age being the most obvious).


    I am friends with all members of a family who 21 years ago had a baby very similar in time and weight to your step brothers girl friend we have just celebrated his 21st birthday he is 6’4″ built like a mountain and a very successful nurse back in the NHS. Sure the first couple of years was all a bit slow in terms of development targets etc but nothing that he didn’t come to catch up in and excel.

    That ward in Bristol is fantastic, keep positive no reason not to believe everything will be fine I the long run.


    +1 for what Jam Bo says. Ask all the questions you want/need to and don’t be afraid to hunt down different people for different answers/experiences etc.

    I sincerely hope there’s a happy ending to this and the little person pulls through.

    yesterday my 17yr old autistic step-brother’s girlfriend gave birth to (via c-section at 26weeks) a 1lb 7oz baby, currently in ‘special care’ down in bristol.

    realistically, i can’t imagine the chances at this stage are great 🙁

    any positive stories i can gleam hope from from you lot?

    EDIT – step-brother, not brother in law (very tired today)


    Our Son aged 11, born 2lbs, 10 weeks premature, 12 weeks in 3 different ICU’s, resuscitated 3 times while in hospital. Thats the only hope I can give you. Its amazing how strong babies are and the care that’s available, we are in debt to the NHS for ever for the care they gave to our son.



    My friends partner had a boy weighing the same 3 weeks ago. Doctors said he is doing well and making slow but steady progress.

    He did stop breathing the other day but apparently that is normal as he was so premature. It’s amazing what babies will pull through.

    Fingers crossed for you and your family.

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    My cousin’s daughter was just over 1lb at birth and is now a healthy nine years old. Slight eye defect remains but all else just fine.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Slight eye defect remains but all else just fine.

    Interestingly that was one of the problems my nephew had, he’s been ‘cured’ now by a set of exercises on a computer to train his eye muscles to track properly – previously he couldn’t read books as his eyes couldn’t track left to right due to under developed muscles.

    Premier Icon mtbmaff

    My wife’s cousin gave birth to her daughter who was under 2lb but born at 23weeks, she is now 13 and fit and healthy but smaller than similar kids her age.


    realistically, i can’t imagine the chances at this stage are great

    77% survival rate for babies born at 26 weeks

    NHS link

    All the best to your family

    Tom B

    Some very humbling and uplifting tales here. Those images are excellent zap!

    Premier Icon woodchip46

    I was born at 25 weeks at 2lb back in 1988, born at St James’s Leeds and spent about 4 months in hospital. Dad could get his wedding ring all the way up my arm!! Like to think I’ve grown up just fine.

    Good luck to all involved.


    Dad could get his wedding ring all the way up my arm!!

    Proper dad stuff that. An example to us all to do daft stuff!


    Some encouraging stories there, it’s amazing how common some things are once you ask around a bit.

    Positive vibes to all involved Phil.


    26 weeks is the main point.
    Below 25, and they have difficulty surviving as their lungs are not developed well enough.
    My daughter was 27 wks and 2lb 7oz. Disabled at birth, but survived, and is still around 21 years later.
    My Son was 26 weeks and 2lb 4, survived that ordeal, came home fine.

    At the time we were told it is the time, not weight that makes the biggest diffeence. Cerebral palsy is quite common though, along with heart and lung defects, so the Consultants will be keeping an eye on them if they get through the first 4 weeks.

    Zap, those two pictures may be the greatest two pictures on teh interwebz!

    Philly, sending healing/positive/strong waves the way of s/b’s family. Fingers crossed.

    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny

    Positive vibes also. Our mates back in Hampshire had their second at 26 weeks, and she pulled through like a trooper. As above, a wee bit smaller than others her age, but tip top.

    Don’t listen to Wires by Athlete, but really, I do hope that everything will be all right.

    Premier Icon stevie750

    When my daughter was in SCBU there was a baby there that had been born at 26 weeks, she had been in for 100 days and had only recently moved from ICU to SCBU. She was a a small baby but was doing fine

    Premier Icon paulosoxo

    Our friends had a baby weighing in at 1lb 9oz at 24 weeks old. He’s 3lb plus now and seems to be doing very well. So there is always hope.

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    A friend of mine had their baby at 27 weeks (in January) and they are just about looking at taking her home in the next couple of weeks and she’s done really well.

    The SCBU wards are so good these days and the staff really can work miracles.

    Good luck to all


    Danny B


    A friends daughter was born 26/27 weeks and under 1kg. Gave them a worrying few months but is now a very intelligent confident 9 year old.

    Sounds like baby is in the best place to get the necessary care. Hope everything works out


    A friend had a baby at 26 weeks, he was 1lb3oz. Happily, he is doing very well and although a little behind on the charts is to all intents and purposes a healthy little chap. Off the oxygen now and 14-odd lbs.
    NICU in Southmead (bristol). Apparently, girls fare a bit better, so a great result.
    I’m told that dr axle is the best one in the place!
    Can probably get more details if required, mail in profile.


    Friends of ours had twins at 27 weeks, both under 2lbs. They are now 7 and absolutely fine, no issues whatsoever. All the best to the little one & rest of the family.

    still on ventilator, no improvements but also no deterioration so that’s a positive, cheers for the kind words, thoughts and messages everyone 🙂

    Premier Icon white101

    Good luck mate, our daughter is 16 in June and was born 2 lb 9oz, about 9 weeks early. She’s away in Austria this week with school skiing. She was weak as a kitten for first couple of months but little by little she got there. Its really amazing how strong they are when they are so little.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    still on ventilator, no improvements but also no deterioration so that’s a positive, cheers for the kind words, thoughts and messages everyone

    It’s a very slow progress curve when they’re premature as so much energy goes on staying warm rather than growth / development. Takes many years to catch back up to normal size.


    DSCF0979 by eastrop75, on Flickr[/img][/url]
    sledging by eastrop75, on Flickr[/img]

    My daughter (3lbs) spent her first three weeks in the SCBU and although small for her age (2 years) is now full of life – as you can see.

    We gave her lots of skin-to-skin kangaroo care and fed with breast milk to improve immunity – anything to improve the odds. We spent loads of time at the hospital, Frimley Park, and the staff were great, even letting us sleep overnight in the family room.

    I hope all goes well.

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