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  • 160mm frame for GE and miniDH?
  • mikey74

    Would a Mega be much lighter than your Herb? I’d say just spend some money losing weight off the bike you have.


    2+ lbs lighter on the frame. The rest of the kit is as light as I’d want really, Bos Devilles, hope/flow wheels etc


    Sorry, browser playing up for a second.


    Ideas on an “enduro” frame? To be used for gravity enduro races, miniDH races and trail centre riding. Looking at £1000-£1500 for frame and shock. Considering buying a complete bike and selling parts I don’t want and putting my existing parts on.
    Currently have a Last Herb FR which is amazing but a tad heavy at 32.5lb complete.

    Towards miniDH than trail style.
    66.5° or less head angle.
    7lb frame weight. Giving sub 30lb complete.
    Alu or carbon
    Good good condition 2nd hand considered.

    Thinking of anything from Nukeproof Mega to Propain Tyee. Help.


    Depends on the bias…. More dh or more enduro. Always a compromise I find.

    Here’s my favourites..

    For uk dh an Orange alpine 160 is perfect and can be pedalled better than you’d think. Sub 30lb build is expensive though.

    For GE spesh enduro or lapierre spicy. Carbon if budget allows 😉

    Wildcard would be a nicolai helius AM if you could find one….

    Good luck!!


    I would say Propain Tyee, just because I’d be curious to see how it performed.
    Giant Reign would be at the top of my list.
    Specialized Enduro seems to fit the bill pretty well.
    Lapierre Spicy?
    Even a beefed up Orange Five might be pretty good, I love mine, but I’m sure most other trail bikes perform just as well and it may get updated soon.
    I’d be reluctant to get an Alpine 160, as they may be releasing a new one soon – it’s about time.


    Commencal Meta?


    Knolly chilcotin?
    Pivot firebird?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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