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    hi on a carbon hardtail with a 12 stone rider aboard will i notice the difference between a 160 up front or a 180 please.

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    Very occasionally, it’s nice to have “just” enough extra bite. and bearing in mind it often costs peanuts to have a 180 over a 160, and they don’t have a massive weight penalty, then it’s a no-brainer for me.


    Why go bigger than you need?


    Are you feeling like the brakes don’t stop you enough at the moment?

    I have big (203/180) rotors on my Juicy 3s and I think they are fantastic, can easily lock out the wheels with one finger. Supposed to be an advantage on long alpine type descents as they don’t get as hot and thus fade as easily.

    Dunno if I’d bother changing specially unless I felt there wasn’t enough stopping power or they were fading too easily.


    I’ve just fitted 180/160 XTR to my new HT and there’s a noticeable improvement in bite over the 160/160 XTR on the old one.


    To be honest i’d stick with a 160 on a carbon hardtail.Reason being its lighter and you would rarely need the power of a 180 on a lightweight hardtail.For example still running a 140/160 Hope combo on my Turner 5-Spot with no problems! I’am weighing in about 13.5 stone and use it for trail rides.Wales,Peaks etc!
    Thanx Max

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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