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  • thepodge

    I’m returning home with over half of my 3L bladder full after rides so thinking down sizing makes sense.

    There are loads of cheap 1.5L bladders on ebay but are they any good or does anyone have any recommendations?

    Yes I could fill it less but my old one is on its last legs as it is so may as well splash out (pun intended)

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    I’m probably missing something here but why not just buy another 3L bladder, and only half fill it?

    In terms of make or brand I’m quite happy with the “Source” bladder I’ve been using for a while now, mine is a 2L, I’m sure they do bigger and smaller ones as you require…

    You can get perfectly good cheap ones off of ebay for £5 and up from surplus stores or the like…


    Why buy a 3L one when I only need 1.5L?

    The question remains the same, are the cheap eBay ones any good?

    I’ve heard reports of people not being able to get rid of the plastic taste and rubbish bite valves but I don’t know if that’s price / brand / whatever specific


    cause in summer a 3L is more useful than 1.5L?

    Wot’s knackered with your current one BTW?

    Premier Icon nixie

    I find larger bladders part filled sit better in the bag as the excess space allows the water to move around a bit.

    Hyrapak bladders are good. They can be had for less under different brand names (hyrapak supply bladders to other companies, e.g. Dakine, berghaus I think and some random motorcross brand).

    Premier Icon righog

    2 Liter from sports direct much cheapness and they are Ok to use.

    2 Liter Karrimor bladder

    Osprey make the best I’ve used to date.

    Also, agree re the buy a bigger one and only half fill it. Far more useful.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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