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  • £1500 HT suggestions?
  • IvanDobski

    As mentioned in the “853 frame” thread I’m after a new lightish short travel trail hardtail, I’ve looked at all the normal options and ended up with the following –

    Genesis Altitude 30
    Cotic Soul
    Pipedream Sirius
    Rock Lobster Ti
    Whyte 905

    Has anyone got any experiences of the above or can suggest anything I might not have thought/heard of? It’s going to be my 2nd bike so I’m not averse to something a bit quirkier…(I’m quite liking the look of the niner range so if anyone knows where I can get a test ride that’d be ace.)

    Premier Icon Houns

    Try the New Voodoo D-Jab


    905, really a very very good bike, I have a 853 road bike (including the seat stays for the benefit of the previous thread!) and the 905 is a super compliant ride. I’ve ridden my brothers similarly built up 456 and used to have a PA and they were heavy sheds, in comparison the 905 is amazing, emulating the feel of a high end steel bike in a way, but laterally stiffer, definitely the best HT I’ve ridden or owned

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    I did post up asking for comments on the Genesis but no response!

    The Pipedream Sirius got a good review in the mags and I’ve managed to get one from the Classifieds for my son. Such a shame that it’s a gate and there’s no way I will be able to ride it 🙄

    More info on the Voodoo please …


    Dialled Alpine?


    Looked at the dialled but its too much bike really…

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    I’m assuming you’ve seen all the stuff on

    My only other sugestion is an orange p7 pro. Much loved by MBR

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