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  • £150 to spend on cheese. What would you do?
  • andrewh

    On Thursday we (five of us) came second at a local pub quiz and won £150. Not really worth sharing it out so we have decided to spend it all on a reasonable bottle of something and a lot of cheese, should be a good night
    We would like a big variety of different ones. However, there are no specialist cheese shops in the local town, there is one about 30 miles away (Stamford, Lincs) but none of can get there during opening times as we all work elsewhere.
    Two of us are vegetarian and would like to avoid cheeses containing rennet.
    So, what would you buy?

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    won £150. Not really worth sharing it out so we have decided to spend it all on a reasonable bottle of something and a lot of cheese, should be a good night

    Couple of good bottles of something nice and a lump of cheddar?

    If not go and find a good cheese shop (the Keswick one was called the Fond Ewe)




    That’s a lot of Dairylea Dunkers..


    Whatever you get make sure you treat it right.


    special brew and cheese strings?

    Premier Icon PMK2060

    Cathedral city? Spend the rest on wine. Being vegetarians I imagine your taste buds won’t be up to much anyway 😀


    buy online?


    Pio Cesare Barolo goes lovely with cheese. You’ll get two of those and a pile of nice cheese for that.

    The above plonk works wonderfully with Pizza too btw.


    Actually, WTF. The clocks have gone back. One bottle of serious(ish) Port the rest on cheese and biscuits.


    Nice one Mackem. Not really looked at yours Chris, but one of our group speaks French so we will peruse that later.
    Anyone used either of these sites before? Any good?

    Premier Icon seven

    Just a couple of point.. that’s £30 each, worth sharing if you ask me, and 2nd check your wine, most is cleared with fish bladders

    veggie wines

    Premier Icon wiggles

    What kind of “Group” is this?
    winners of pub quizzes, vegetarians, french speaking and a keen interest in cheese…

    Sounds like some sort of cult to me!


    Just found the English language button…


    If you want I’ll contact my cheese supplier and see if he goes up your way, you can just climb on the van and pick what you like. You won’t get as much as you’d think.


    Neals yard dairy do cheese by post. They have an excellent and extensive selection. 🙂

    Premier Icon njee20

    We win £10 between three of us and tend to share it out! How the other half live eh!?

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    my body-weight in Tunworth

    I’ve cycled through the hamlet of Tunworth, seems a funny place for cheese to be made in though!

    Must give it a try. 🙂 Actually I won’t, not my type of cheese.

    Premier Icon parkesie

    An enormous cheese string



    Get a whole 3kg Dorset Blue Vinny by post. That’s £40 gone and really brilliant


    Cheddar some more cheddar, some high quality blue shit, touch of that French shit in the white stuff you put in to the oven to melt then some more quality cheddar.


    10 kg mixed cheese wedding cake


    With a fiver left for wine

    Though for an extra fifty quid, you can ket 27kg of wookey hole cheddar:


    Quick, fetch me some biscuits and a large vat of pickled onions!

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    I love cheese but quite hard to recommend especially as you cannot get to a good specialist.

    So two suggestions, Waitrose or find the best local French restaurant and ask them to do something for you.

    5 guys drinking suggests two bottles to me, I assume you are talking of a port or a good red. I would spend £75-£100 on wine and rest on cheese.

    I suggest full range of cheeses from soft mild (served with a spoon!) through hard to punchy ! These are eaten mild first then stronger, excellent breads, a few grapes (as too much cheese can be very dry) perhaps some quality crackers like Carrs or Duchy Oat biscuits.

    Some of my French favourites – St Marcelin, Comte, Tom de Chèvre, Tom de Savoie, Reblochon, Rocquefort (my single favourite cheese)
    Good mature Cheddar and Stilton worth adding

    The cheeses should be left out of the fridge for a bit to warm out, keep an eye on the softer ones though or they can go walkabout


    If I was intent on that plan I would go to Booth’s spend 50% on Belgian or German wheat beer, 20% on quality cheddar, 20% on Shropshire Blue and 10% on Reblochon, plough through the lot and wait for funky dreams!

    Premier Icon binners

    5 guys drinking suggests 2 bottles? Good point! So by that logic you can spend up to £15 a bottle. Forget the cheese!

    I like binners post…

    …however,finding the middle ground – one bottle each and £75 on cheese beer and kebabs Shirley?

    I’d have suggested coke and hookers – steal it all for yourself and job done!


    £150 on cheese and wine? Cheese and **** wine?! Really?! (FTFY).

    ^ winner. I cringe at spending 7 quid at xmas on a cheese board!!! My limit is pre grated pilgrims choice (only when on offer)

    The 150 would be spent on strong alcohol and takeaway pizzas (cheese fix) four cheese if you really dig the smelly stuff.


    Spend £100 on a really good range of bottled ales from a good supermarket, and £50 on a good selection of quality cheeses with Bath Olivers, and some good olives as well; black, green, chili…

    Cheese and wine? £150? 5 of you?

    Give it to charity.

    …or buy single malt. Something less useless….

    I am gob smacked to be honest. 30 quid each on a pub quiz is immense. Me and the lads who I work away with won 19 quid. We bought two cocktail pitchers for 12 quid and shoved the rest in a bandit and won 25 off that so the shots came out chin chin!!

    Premier Icon binners

    Single malts and cheese singles?

    I’m off to bed.

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