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  • 15 days into the zero alcohol experiment
  • I gave it up completely last year for nearly 4 months as my wife and I were trying for a baby through IVF and it was male related. I didn’t lose a pound, felt physicaly no better/fitter and, apart from having slighly less dry skin, saw no immediate positive benefits.

    My wfe is now nearly 17 weeks pregnant with twins and I have started drinking again and although I didn’t really miss it, I much prefer having a glass of wine/all evening bender on beer than sitting with lime and soda every night.


    I quite like being giggly and stupid [:)]

    but you can just decide to be that way without needing a drug 🙂

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    I went a couple of years dry about the age of 20, so, *cough* about 20 years ago – my mates and I were going out regularly wasting money making ourselves feel rough and I got to the point that I couldn’t see the point of it.

    Now I’ll go out maybe once a week for no more than a couple of pints, might have a bottle of wine with friends maybe every other month. Starting to lose interest in beer now. Thinking of getting more into spirits due to the subliminal mind manipulation that is the STW forum…


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    It is amazing how many alcoholics stop drinking for a month to show they don’t need a drink.

    It is actually one of the early signs of alcoholism.

    What a load of bollocks.


    haven’t drank any alcohol since Jan 3rd as I’m trying to make a real effort to get my fitness back by training and trying to watch what I eat . I only really like drinking beer, so it seems a bit at odds of what i’m trying to acheive.

    I haven’t noticed any major weight loss or feel that i’m any fitter. But I am having better quality sleep (early to bed and all that) so I feel more energetic and motivated for training(rather than fitter if that makes sense???)

    Although I do think i was drinking too much beer- so maybe you’re correct WCA.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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