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  • 14lbs?
  • sambob

    Well that’s just silly. It’d be even lighter without bar ends or all those extra gears.


    According to njee the bloke’s scales are wrong 🙂

    Premier Icon mrh86

    it’ll only break, and then he’ll be sorry


    It looks nice. But I bet he’ll cry when it dies

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Got the makings of a decent lightweight singlespeed once he dumped all those useless fripperies… 🙂

    As it happens I have developed a sudden desire for such a bike

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    That actually looks very very nice. Stealth and understated, but it looks fast even just sitting there!

    You’d really hope that he had the legs and lungs to get the best out of it – you’d look a right nobber bimbling round a trail centre on it or failing to come anywhere other than first in a race… 😉

    Can easily believe the weight on it, those Scales are phenomenally light. I saw a 2012 demo one with bog standard kit on it that still weighed well under 20lb so with all that ultralight kit, 14lb is achievable.


    *waits for njee to claim the scales are wrong and his Trek weighs less*

    Really?! With gears and a suspension fork! 😯


    Not that un believable really with the money, have seen one with Di2 around the 16lb mark and that didn’t even have carbon rims. That hydraulic stuff shifting seems to be super light even by xtr standards intrested to see it working long term though.


    The Acros Hydraulic shifting has an amazing feel, especially front mech, so light. Not sure its worth the £1400 for 2 mechs and a pair of shifters though.

    Premier Icon neil853

    that is lovely, but I wonder what’s its like to actually ride off road. Lovely all the same mind


    It does look pretty amazing but every time I have riden a superlight weight bike (so far only down to 16-18lbs ish) i has been quick up the hills but not much fun!?


    Needs bigger wheels..


    Brake levers need moved in unless he has hands the size of a 5 year old…they look fine for 3-finger braking but not much control braking like that…

    Premier Icon njee20

    Nah his scales are wrong and my Top Fuel weighs less 😀

    It’s great having a reputation! I do caveat such knobbish statements with “on my scales” which is based on having weighed several hundred bikes and knowing that bikes are heavier on my scales than some others. Doesn’t mean mine are right, but some people are just dillusional. Have shattered many a dream over the years. 🙂

    Seems very plausible – Heinz Wittman’s is <12lbs, and that’s the old frame and doesn’t have the Acros shifters. When I’m cynical is “I have this £1500 hardtail with SLX and some Toras, and it’s 4lbs”. That’s clearly £10k+ of bike! 920g clincher wheels are bloody impressive, interesting that his tub set weigh less with tyres, wouldn’t have thought Race Kings would be that heavy, impressive it’s rideable though, rather than sticking on Furious Freds.

    Reckon that’ll be ok, he’s gone for crazy expensive parts rather than Dremelling 90% of the wall thickness out of everything!

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)

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