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  • 142×12 turbo trainer
  • Premier Icon danrandon
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    After over a year and a half struggling with an Achilles tendon and knee problem i’ve been advised to use a turbo trainer to help build and reinforce the problem areas.

    Does anyone know of a 142×12 compatible turbo trainer.

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon
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    Depend on the frame/axle, is there something sesembling a QR poking out the end? Pretty much all trainers have the same sort of mounting, 2 cups with slots cut in one of them to take a QR lever.

    The only alternative is rollers.

    Premier Icon traildog
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    I think Kurt kinetic have such a connector. They are expensive, but brilliant turbo trainers.

    Premier Icon danrandon
    Free Member

    Cheers for the info chaps, I’ll research that info further.

    Premier Icon gazhurst
    Free Member

    I had exactly the same issue with this. I bought a Kurt Kinetic Traxle (they come in three different thread pitches so make sure you get the right one). I then discovered it was too wide to fit in my turbo so I had to go get a different one. The Elite Nuvo Force fits perfectly and doesn’t come close to the high cost of Kurt ones

    Premier Icon davetrave
    Free Member

    +1 for Kinetic…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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