140mm rotors

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  • 140mm rotors

    Hi All,

    Road bike has 140mm on the rear and the rotor is just a cheap thing. Wanted to upgrade a while back but there didnt seem to be anything nice (sensible price, light, not ugly, works well) available.

    With them being a bit more popular now whats a good option?
    6-bolt only [edit]

    Might fit one on the front but happy with 160mm so something i can get a matching 160mm would be good also.



    I don’t know about road bikes but the 140 always seems a lot of fuss when looking into the kids hardtail… it’s not like his weight needs a 160mm but 140mm means adding adapters instead of the front just bolting right on… by the time you add that I’m not sure it saves any weight…

    I usually go for simplifying my life … I took off some perfectly good Avid DB5’s just because I want to keep one set of spare pads and 1 bleed kit and the other bikes are all Shimano M685/M785 (and I don’t trust the 7 yr old with DOT fluid)

    I know 180/160 is popular as well but my trail bike is dual 180 as it just makes rotors interchangeable….so I need to carry less spares and can swap stuff between bikes if needed…

    Weight Weenie wise (usually I only care on kids racing bike) the Ashima rotors seem pretty good so far, last set were a week from China and I think £12 each… and the previous was a Alligator Aries…. being a kids bike I stick away from any sawtooth type rotors … better not to lose 10g by losing fingers 😀 .. I don’t think you’d want them on a fat bike but they are probably fine for use on a road bike

    I’m selling a Hope 140mm floating rotor for £17.50 posted in black if that’s any use? 160’s available to match also. details in profile if any interest.

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    I had one off B-S and it’s very tidy 🙂

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    Aztec Stainless Steel Fixed Disc Rotors are £12 at Evans, light and pretty good – use them on our BMXs with no issues so far.

    140mm on a road bike (mine anyway) is actually one less adapter. I don’t think you need the power of a 160 on the back, seems odd that most new bikes are coming with them now. I’m after some of those hope discs too.

    Hope on mine. They may even do a ‘race’ version which is lighter than the std one. Can’t remember.

    Aztec for me on my CX bikes for the last couple of seasons without any issues.
    Light, reliable & transmit plenty of power.


    Cheers all. As vintagewino says on most road bikes now 140mm is stock so no adaptors needed.


    The Ashima rotors are pretty good* then and they do a 140, the 160 is 68g.

    *I’m assuming that they don’t really need to be as tough as an MTB and these do tend to be a bit easier to bend but you have a lot less force with 700c tyres

    My last e-bay order arrived in 1 week
    Prior to that kids XC bike had a Aries Alligator … but bought the Ashima this time based on cost.

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