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  • "1,400 children were subjected to "appalling" sexual exploitation in Rotherham"
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    The perpetrators of the abuse in Rotherham have been convicted and jailed. The follow up invetigations and potentail further legal action can now focus on why local police did not take approproate action and why local government appeared to attempt to cover up the scandal. I have my own strongly held views but let’s wait and see.

    Could it be (whisper it quietly) that the convicted perpetrators were of an ethnic minority and all sense and sensibility went out the window as the police pussy footed around the investigation and decided to cover up evidence that might embarrass the local community?….I mean that would never happen would it, the police don’t see colour afteral do they?!

    There never was a Westminster peodophile ring. The police have niw closed down the investigation having found no evidemce at all of such a thing.

    A victim of sexual abuse has heavily crtisied “Nick” who made the allegations suggesting he may take legal action and has asked the police to investigate him for taking his own experiencesof sexual abuse and embellishing them in his Police statements. He also heavily critised the so called “investigative” website @jive was so keen to quote.

    The perpetrators of the abuse in Rotherham have been convicted and jailed. The follow up invetigations and potentail further legal action can now focus on why local police did not take approproate action and why local government appeared to attempt to cover up the scandal. I have my own strongly held views but let’s wait and see.

    Being a bit hasty there old chap…

    It’s true that Operation Midland has been shut down~ no doubt in part because the majority of the several suspects are dead, though Harvey Proctor (who has previous convictions for sadistic tendencies towards underage rent boys and left the country after police questioned him) is still alive.

    Certainly worth bearing in mind the vast disparity between Rotherham Abuse, which is recent (and no doubt to some extent, ongoing) and Nick’s allegations, which happened over 30 years ago (the police maintain Nick is a credible witness) of course, there are obvious additional challenges in assembling sufficient evidence to prosecute from so long ago, especially as the majority of the suspects are dead.

    Are you suggesting that since Lord Janner, Cyril Smith, Leon Brittan, Edward Heath and Jimmy Savile were never charged, they never committed any offences, despite the latter 4 all being linked to the Paedophile Information Exchange?

    Of course, investigations are ongoing into many aspects which relate to co-ordinated abuse such as Jimmy Savile and Edward Heath on Jersey (Operation Whistle), Paul Boateng’s involvement with Michael Carroll who was involved in Lambeth Homes (Not forgetting links between Lambeth and North Wales)

    along with the numerous IPCC investigations into VIP abuse cases being shut down.

    Of course, Boateng and Janner’s links to Paedophiles and Childrens homes could be entirely co-incidental:

    As could the choice not to include Kincora in the abuse inquiry, despite clear links to Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square


    Absolutely. Totally. Discredited.

    All a fabrication by a journalist amd a jailed lefty fraudster

    Are you suggesting there is no investigation into Jimmy Savile and Edward Heath on Jersey?

    What about the IPCC cases into cases shut down under suspicious circumstances in the past?

    Perhaps you think the Inquiry into abuse in Lambeth with over 600 victims is fabrication?


    Jivehoney forget your conspiracy theories and instead post some of the many guardian articles spanning years which discredited and vilified anyone who even suggested that Asian muslim gangs were grooming and abusing vulnerable children across northern England. After all they directly helped the abusers by effectively snuffing out any rational discussion about the ever growing problem whilst it carried on unabated for years. Their articles are still there to be found, now that the facts gave been laid bare no sane adult can deny these politically correct shysters at the guardian have blood on their hands.

    Since you’re the expert in that field, the floor is yours… post links to your hearts content, the problem of organized and institutionalized abuse spans all levels of the political and religious spectrums.

    All too often the real problem is denial and refusal of responsibility by people in a position to do something, no doubt in many cases because they’re scared of the power of the people and organizations involved.

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    Jhj goes to great lengths to provide sources for his claims (whether you trust the sources is up to the individual), Unless enfht can show otherwise I suspect he just repeats stuff he reads off the Britain 1st Facebook feed?

    Home Office rejects application to support victims:

    Theresa May has many questions to answer herself, though doubt the Goddard Inquiry (after the Butler-Sloss and Woolf Inquiries) will ask…

    Well what do you know… further allegations surrounding Dolphin Square and yet again, for reasons unknown, the Police halted investigations:

    David, now 49, told BuzzFeed News how he was groomed in Lincolnshire in 1982 when he was 15 by Gordon Dawson, who took him to dinners in London with Dawson’s friends. Among them, David was told, were MPs, businessmen, senior military officers, and members of the General Synod. After these dinners, David said, he would be raped in a Dolphin Square apartment by Dawson and other men.

    He reported his experiences in Dolphin Square to Lincolnshire Police in 2007, seven years before the location became infamously linked to the more extreme stories of abuse and murder. He repeated his allegations to officers from Operation Fairbank – the Met’s overarching inquiry into historical abuse by public figures – in 2015.

    Last November, Justice Goddard, chair of the ongoing independent inquiry into child sexual abuse, announced that allegations involving abuse in Westminster would form part of the inquiry. Also last year, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) watchdog announced 29 investigations into allegations of cover-ups by Metropolitan police officers in cases involving sexual abuse.

    David’s evidence, given over two days of interviews and supported by a series of legal documents, exposes the difficulties still faced by some survivors of sexual abuse to ensure the police investigate – even amid a national furore over such crimes.

    A six-month investigation by BuzzFeed News into the allegations found that:

    • Despite the seriousness of the allegations, a surviving friend of Gordon Dawson’s who was present at the dinners and – it is alleged – also used the same apartment in which David was raped has never been interviewed by Met detectives.

    • In March 2015, just three months after appealing to the public for information about abuse at Dolphin Square, the Met told David the luxury apartment block was “not being investigated”.

    • In an email to David, a senior Metropolitan police officer from Operation Fairbank, Detective Sergeant James Townly, claimed “it is not feasible” for the police to identify every link between paedophiles, and suggested police were unwilling to investigate suspects not already known to them.

    • Dawson had been warned by a Lincolnshire police officer in December 2006 that he was about to be arrested over a series of earlier abuse complaints – a move a top criminal lawyer said was “unusual” as it risked allowing the suspect to destroy evidence.

    • Two months later, when David reported the abuse to police, the same officer warned Dawson that he was to be rearrested. Dawson killed himself within 90 minutes of the phone call.

    Also featured on Victoria Derbyshire’s programme:

    Dissapointed that jivehoney has not been posting after todays headlines

    I believe the authorities have got to him.

    Nicely done, Jam….., bongohoohaa!

    Dissapointed that jivehoney has not been posting after todays headlines

    It’s not come as a shock to anyone here in Leicester believe you me. It was just a case of when and what for!

    Nicely done, Jam….., bongohoohaa!

    It wasn’t a particularly hard puzzle, but there were reasons for it.

    I’ll stop now.

    Hullo ladies, you’re looking in fine spirits today I must say; if you’re good I’ll get things spic and span, so you can smell pretty n stuff. Guaranteed to eradicate the germs that other’s can’t get to.

    I may have some information to divulge regarding dirty laundry, washing machines and Jim fixing it…

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    First time for everything.

    Ooh, you tease! You may have some information? May have?

    Plus ça change……

    I’ll start with this Pic… more soon:


    I may have some information to divulge

    or you may not

    Well, that picture is Nadhmi Auchi, with Archbishop Eugenio Sbarbaro…

    Both have big back stories, but for now, back to Keith Vaz:

    (Pictured here defending Greville Janner after allegations of child abuse in carehomes 1991)

    Don’t forget that in his capacity as head of the Home Affairs Select Committee, it was Vaz who was charged with cross examining the Heads of the Child Abuse Inquiry during their recruitment…

    First up we have Lady Butler Sloss, who was not only conflicted due to being the sister of Michael Havers (Havers failed to prosecute high ranking MI6 official Peter Hayman for child abuse offences):

    Butler Sloss also hid allegations of abuse by Bishop Peter Ball, a close friend of Prince Charles and Jimmy Savile (see previous page of this thread for further details)

    Next to go was Fiona Woolf, who resigned due to links to Leon Brittan, not forgetting her correspondence with the Home Office was edited multiple times

    Worth noting that Keith Vaz was perfectly content with her reply she had no establishment ties whilst being interviewed… the photo above was taken the morning of the interview!!

    Also worth noting that despite extensive propaganda to the contrary, Leon Brittan was being investigated for multiple allegations of raping kids and has also been caught in the past with extreme kiddy porn when returning from Europe< Long read but very revealing, from a top expert in the field.

    There are also Home Office files linking Leon Brittan to child abuse

    So, on to #3, Lowell Goddard, who claimed she was not part of the establishment… according to Goddard, there’s no such thing in New Zealand:

    Bit of a porky, what with this being her nephew:

    Note mention of her 1st Husband being a close friend of Camilla:

    Could this be relevant?

    Dirty laundry, washing machines and Jim fixing it… all part of the job:

    I’ll leave it there for now, but have no doubt, it goes far deeper than that…

    This blog makes for interesting reading:

    Following allegations made in the Sunday Mirror that Keith Vaz had engaged in sexual activity with male prostitutes, one has to wonder how far in advance The Sunday Mirror had planned this sting operation on the now disgraced MP. Judging by internet blogs, rumours and Vaz’ history of deceitfulness, journalists in the media must have known for a while about the MPs sordid affairs. This leads to the question: how susceptible to blackmail are MPs.

    Prostitutes, both male and female are often linked to criminal gangs that are able to blackmail their high profile customers. It would be naive to think that Keith Vaz is new to the sort of behaviour he has been accused of. Surely others were aware of it before this week’s leaks were published. What would Keith Vaz have done in order to stop this story from coming out? (no pun intended) How do we know that Keith Vaz – a married man and father of two children – has not been threatened in the past to the outing of his preference for male prostitutes? As chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee Vaz was a powerful man.

    Reverting back to Keith Vaz, as chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee one of his main responsibilities should have been to inquire into and put an end to child exploitation and child grooming in the UK. With the advantage of hindsight, however, would anyone truly believe that this was high on Vaz’ priority list? Vaz paid male prostitutes for sex, what are the chances those same male prostitutes were groomed as children, hooked to drugs and forced to become prostitutes to pay for their drug addiction? Of course, the allegations against Vaz have nothing to do with child abuse or even anything that is illegal, but as aforementioned, many prostitutes come from broken families and are forced to sell their bodies from a young age. Surely Vaz knew this? At best Vaz is a hypocrite. Are parliament hiding something in regards to the protection of children? Whilst he was Prime Minister David Cameron called the allegations of a VIP paedophile ring within Westminster a ‘witch hunt’ labelling VIP child abuse whistleblowers as ‘conspiracy theorists’. Clearly, investigating itself is not particularly high on the Westminster to do list.

    On the other hand, let’s say that Vaz as chairman of the Select Committee did want to do all that he could to put an end to child sexual abuse in the UK. Sorry to put you in so many hypothetical situations but here is another one. Say Vaz starts preparing protocols for investigating paedophile rings across the country – he makes inquiries across England from Leeds to London – but then gets a phone call from a mysterious figure from GCHQ. In recent years, due to advancements in technology intelligence agencies have become extremely powerful -we all know about the Edward Snowden files- and GCHQ is no exception. It has been reported that GCHQ is ‘out of control’ in terms of the amount of spying it initiates in. Furthermore, recent laws have allowed GCHQ to be able to spy on MPs whilst files have proven that GCHQ have and continue to spy/monitor the actions of MPs.

    Now, as terrifying as this may sound, how easy would it have been for someone who knew about Vaz and his tendencies for male prostitutes to blackmail him? There is no question that GCHQ would have known. The ‘out of control’ intelligence agency will know about all the sordid affairs of every high ranking public official in the United Kingdom. Therefore, even if Vaz did want to investigate child sexual abuse what if other officials didn’t want him to and thus threatened to leak his secrets to the press if he continued to dig? Would Vaz simply say no and allow his secrets to come out thus ending his political career whilst embarrassing himself and his family at the same time or would he begrudgingly accept and continue living a multi-millionaire lifestyle as a high ranking politician?

    Clearly, it is difficult to tell exactly what happens within Westminster and within each MPs individual lives when you are on the outside looking in. But with each passing month the malevolent affairs of high ranking public officials are made public. Did Vaz simply get his comeuppance for being a disloyal husband and hypocrite or are there far more foul and terrifying occurrences in motion behind the scenes in Westminster.

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    Makes you think…

    Industrial washing machines indeed!!


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    And who’d have thunk it was actually the Guardian newspaper who did more over years to bury any reports of Muslim grooming gangs than we could have ever imagined.

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    Maybe Keith just always wanted to sell washing machines, and his parliamentary career has all just been one long cry for help, and this is him living out his life-long fantasy

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    That’s putting a positive spin on it, I suppose.

    Not sure Starsky would approve of your detective skills hutch… can you provide a bit more backstory?


    Translation Services.

    Linked: We all live on the 3rd rock from the sun
    Backstory: Fabrication
    Failed to prosecute: There was no evidence to warrant a prosecution, ie there was no case to answer

    Love the Muppet photos … a revelation when you really understand how it all links together

    Linked: We all live on the 3rd rock from the sun
    Backstory: Fabrication

    Are you suggesting you can provide evidence of another planet? Might explain where you’re from

    Failed to prosecute: There was no evidence to warrant a prosecution, ie there was no case to answer

    Care to elaborate on what you’re referring to?

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