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  • 14" Inred will suit a 5' 4" person – correct?
  • Not sure if this helps but my girl friend is 5’2″ I built up a 13″ version of this
    Seat all the way down she has both feet on the ground comfortably.
    Really its all down to personal feeling though. My girl friend still lacks confidence so the (very) small frame makes her feel more comfortable.
    In short 14″ sounds about right for 5’4″ to me.

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    MrsbeanZ is 5’2″ and rides one , the 16″frame was way to big for her.

    Yes, my Mrs is just under 5’4″ and has the 14, perfect

    Cheers guys.

    Just bought a nice bike (massive frame).

    Will swap everything over to my old Inbred* and she’ll have a nice bike.

    *was too small for me. Used as a thrashing machine for short rides.


    I’m 5’4″ and had a 16″ Inbred.
    Here’s a picture of me on my 16″ 456

    My wife doesn’t believe me!

    Thanks all


    Mrs NBT is 5’4″ and *LOVES* her 14″ inbred

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    If she doesn’t want the inbred frame Mrs Mugsy will probably be interested….


    My OH is 5’4″ on a 14″ inbred also.

    She might be selling it though, if there’s interest?

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    Hmmm, I’m 5’5″ and had a 14″ Inbred which was too small. Many years ago I had a 16″ 456 and that was too big.

    Have come to the conclusion that bikes with a very long top tube don’t suit me. All my bikes however are men’s.


    Hi CG… women tend to have longer legs and a shorter body than men so that’s probably why the longer top tube on the 16in didn’t suit you and the 14in seattube too small. My 16in 456 does feel like a big bike but I can still throw it around, it feels very capable and bowls over things nicely. I do run the saddle right forwards, a short stem and have a fair sweep back on the bars, I wouldn’t want a bigger bike. On the other hand my 15in Rock Lobster is about the smallest bike I would want to ride, it’s very nippy and agile but I have the saddle right back on the rails and wouldn’t want to expose any more seatpost.

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    makecoldplayhistory – welcome back.

    mrs nbt here. I enjoy riding my 14″ inbred. It’s fantastic on the climbs and descends with ease. I’ll be passing it onto my nephew in a couple of years time when he’s grown a bit.


    Hello IA

    Interest here! 😀

    Frame only preferred, but please let me know. PM on profile

    Thank you 🙂

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