130/140mm trail bike from 160mm enduro?

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  • 130/140mm trail bike from 160mm enduro?
  • Premier Icon joebristol

    As above I currently have a 160t / 170f enduro bike that I’ve had for nearly 3 years now. Getting tempted to try something a little shorter travel / less slack but mainly less long.

    The Aeris is amazing on big / fast stuff like at BMCC and BPW but I get out less than I used to and so I fancy something that’s more fun on the less big stuff but can still handle large days out.

    Current bike is 64 something degree headangle / 481mm reach / 435mm chainstays / 650b / long wheelbase. If the new bike could be nearly as sturdy and a touch lighter that would be nice – but mainly I’m looking for something a little livelier steering wise.

    I have a Vitus Sentier hardtail that’s about 640mm reach / 425 chainstays / around 66 degree headangle and shorter wheelbase. Would like something between the Aeris 145 and the Sentier without spending much more money after selling my current frame – plan to carry all the same bits over with a change of airshaft to shorten the fork.

    Looking at a swap for an Aeris 120lt, but if that doesn’t come off what other sensibly priced options are there? I’m a little nervous of 2nd hand Carbon so would prefer to avoid that.

    Thinking Transition Scout / Whyte t-130 – anything else? Would prefer screw in bb / boost rear. 650b.

    New 2020 Norco Sight?


    I agree looks like a nice bike although this years Sight is 150mm rear 160mm front so closer to the Range of previous years – my 2015 Range Carbon is 160mm front and rear – back then the Sight was 140mm.


    Cotic Flare?

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Tbh after this weekend I’m not convinced the 160 loses out enough in the cc whippet stakes compared to how much it gains in the bigger stuff.

    I’d say, sure to shorter and lighter but it needs to be 100mm carbon xc rather than a t130.

    Premier Icon joebristol

    I’m guessing the absolute max I’d get for my frame secondhand is £800, probably a bit less. So probably looking at secondhand rather than new. Unless I get a very good annul bonus wi thy work which isn’t looming highly likely in the current economic environment!

    The Norco seems to be longer travel then I’d be after / maybe 29er (so new form and new wheels required too) / way too expensive.

    The Cotic again I guess is expensive but I’ll have a look on eBay and see what I can find. Hadn’t considered that make so could be a good suggestion – although might be heavier than what I’ve got.

    The T130 possibly isn’t a great option – not sure as haven’t ridden one. I think the Aeris120lt is a bit more progressive, as is the Scout.

    I certainly don’t want a 100mm xc machine!!!!!!

    Hob Nob

    I would say there is a massive difference between now what is a ‘proper’ enduro bike to a trail bike.

    I had a 170mm big 29er race bike, and a mid travel trail bike, which is a bit shorter, bit less slack but still had a decent STA. On pretty much anything but an EWS stage, I’m noticeably quicker on the smaller bike. Plus it’s more fun to ride, as I don’t have to wring it’s neck on everything and muscle it around compared to the big bike. There is also a significant weight difference in a decent trail bike being 28-30lbs and a real world race bike which is 36-37lbs now (not Pinkbike/STW made up race bike weights, stuff actually ridden to last a savage practice and race weekend).

    To be fair by the time I put DH casing tyres on my SB130 it’s over 32lbs anyway 😆

    Premier Icon danti

    Sonder Evol, think Alpkit are/were selling some ex demo ones.

    Premier Icon timbog160

    Radon Slide. Awesome bit of kit – only problem is I cant get my lad off the thing…!


    I liked my MK1 Aeris but I didn’t get on with the 120 at all. It felt like my 145 but with less travel (and not much different in weight). I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting but it wasn’t that!

    There are so many brilliant trail bikes out there now. Pinkbike used to have about 200+ for sale last time I checked. More and more are 29ers tho….

    Premier Icon joebristol

    I’m not totally against the idea of a 29er but from a cost perspective it’s probably not practical. I could sell my bike in its entirety and get something like a Norco Optic, but:

    1) I’d have a lower spec of components for similar money (currently have Gx 11 speed / Lyriks / decent Hope & DT Swiss wheels / Sram Codes / new Oneup dropper)

    2) although it’s shorter travel I doubt it’ll be much lighter or much livelier.

    Interesting on the Aeris 120LT – I definitely need to test one out. In my mind it’ll be easier to turn into corners and just a bit more manoeuvrable. Expecting the weight to be broadly the same – maybe a hint lighter but probably not noticeable. I’m also expecting it to be easier to manual and pop off stuff as it’s shorter.

    Will check out the Evol and Slide.

    Edit – the Evol looks very short reach per size – the Large (I’m 5’9) is 455mm reach vs my current 481mm. That sounds about right for what I’m trying to achieve, but you end up with quite a tall seat tube – maybe 2.5cm taller. So I’d have to see if my 180mm dropper would fit in it. Flipping cheap though!

    Premier Icon superstu

    OP – sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Bird are selling the 145 for £815 at the moment so doubt you’ll get anywhere close to £800 for your frame.

    I really sympathise on costs.

    I had an Aeris and found that it was great (my first fs) but switched to a transition smuggler last year. Spec isn’t quite as good but bike is miles better for most of the riding I do. Never feels out of place on the downs either even though that’s where the Aeris shone. Pedals so much better so anything flat/longer days out are far more enjoyable.

    Not cheap but the Switchback 140 FS would be epic if you got a bonus… I had a switchback HT which was good but a short reach for me

    Premier Icon joebristol

    OP – sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Bird are selling the 145 for £815 at the moment so doubt you’ll get anywhere close to £800 for your frame.

    I do think £800 is a little optimistic, but that price you quote is a bare frame. Mine would be frame, RS Deluxe rt3 with recent Megneg upgrade, both the 145mm and 160mm rear shock linkages, cane creek headset, RS stealth rear axle and a Hope Qr collar. Closest spec is £1135 on the Bird website and that’s with only 1 linkage. So I’ll see how it goes I guess.

    My best bet is probably still some kind of frame swap with an Aeris 120lt owner or similar.

    If I do get a stinking big bonus then perhaps I’ll go a little more crazy – I do like the look of the Scout in the metallic light blue they do.

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