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  • 13 Hours in Guernsey, what to do?
  • I’m going on one of those £15 (cheaper than a return to Southampton!) day trips to Guernsey tomorrow (departing from Poole). I’ll arrive at 08.30 and will have a little over 13 hours on the island.

    I’ve never been to Guernsey before, are there any hidden gems to look out for? I’m sure that beers will be involved, but it would be nice to get around the island a bit and not just spend the whole day getting tanked up in St.Peter Port.


    Get to some of the MAD german forts. Those guys loved concrete, and tunnelling…


    Weather forecast looks good tomorrow, if a little breezy.

    Get breakfast in St Peter Port, i wouldn’t bother on the boat.

    Christies do a nice breakfast if you want up market, or the White Rock Cafe (the first cafe you’ll see when you get off the boat) do a good fry up, the dockers eat there!

    Catle Cornet would be a good way of spending the morning and getting a feel for the history of the island, there’s also a Military musem at La Vallette which has a lot of occupation history. Stay in town for lunch, there’s a lot og good restaurants but if you want somethng light with a good view, you can’t beat the Terrace Cafe, overlooks the harbour and town church, serves light English lunches and very good Thai food.

    In the afternoon, hop on the 7a bus, this will take you all around the island for a quid, but you’ll have to pay a pound each time you get back on. You’ll get a good view all around the coast.

    Occupation museum is worth a look. Fort Grey (the cup & saucer) shipwreck musuem is also interesting. Both of these are on the 7a route.

    West Coast beaches may be a bit chilly tomorrow with a South westerly wind but you’ll be able to find a nice spot.

    If you don’t fancy eating lunch in town, then the Beach Terrace at Pembroke is a nice spot for lunch, and Pembroke beach will be sheltered from the wind

    Back to St Peter Port for beers and dinner at the Boathouse, good seafood there or if you fancy a good steak then try Red although its a bit pricey.

    There are some great pubs all around the island, cracking afternoon views at The Rockmount at Cobo.

    Most of the German Bunkers are sealed off now so you can’t get inside.

    The German Underground hospital is also good for a visit, spooky and the brothers that run it are interestng characters.

    If your’re planning on sticking around St Peter Port visit the Tourist office and check for guided walks , they are good and the guides very knowledgable.

    If you need directions to any of the above then just ask anybody, we’re a friendly bunch.

    Many thanks for that, seems like there’s more than enough to fill the time.

    Looking forward to exploring the island. Are there decent surfing beaches? I know that windsurfing is pretty big there.


    Yep, there’s a beach break at Vazon, you can hire boards and wetsuits from the surf school, the 7a will get you there, or there’s a couple of other more direct routes too just ask at the bus terminal.


    Only thing I can add to UncleFred is that you have to get some fresh crab. Best I’ve ever had is always on the island.


    Fish and Chips at Cobo Bay also lovely if you’ve got good weather – the beach there is nice.


    Double post


    The tunnel of goats is worth a look, otherwise it’s the spinning cat.
    (craggy island joke)

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    Get utterly wasted in Folies. IME, that’s what you do after visiting all the private banks.


    You could always go for a cocktail at Laska, hope the weather is good for you, it’s horrible 9 months of the year at best, strange little place, I lived there and hated every minute.

    The Crab is very good.

    jkomo – Member

    The tunnel of goats is worth a look, otherwise it’s the spinning cat.
    (craggy island joke) I was too busy trying to find Chinatown!


    Got back home at 01.30, just woken up…

    My observations:

    Guernsey is GORGEOUS, I really liked Jersey, but Guernsey definitely edges it for me. We were very lucky with the weather, it was the best day of the summer so far.

    We ate a full English in White Rock Cafe as recommended by UncleFred and as promised it was full of dockers! We walked past Christies a short while later, looks very smart…think I’ll save that for when I go back.

    There were a staggering number of absolutely beautiful women out and about, is it always like that in Guernsey?!

    Hopped on the 7a and got off at Vason, Cobo, Pembroke and explored some of the German gun emplacements/coastal fortifications.

    Castle Cornet was great, spent a few hours there in the evening whilst waiting for the return ferry. There was a KPMG sponsored concert on under the name Castle Nights, mainly covers bands, but perfect end to th e day and a really nice atmosphere.

    Is there a substantial Portuguese community on Guernsey? I know that they form about 10% of the population of Jersey and there were beautiful olive skinned women all over the place. Lots of Australians too, both working in bars and smartly dressed types who looked like they may have worked in the finance sector.

    We went to a great little bar that had just opened, just down the road from the war memorial in St Peter Port, chatted to lots of nice people…actually, everyone was really friendly. There seemed to be a great sense of community.

    What’s with Breda lager being everywhere? My friend thought it was local until I told him it was Dutch. It was on tap everywhere we went!

    I can see how it could get really claustrophobic for those just hitting adulthood, but it seemed like it would be a lovely place to grow up.

    I’m going back in month or so to visit Alderney and Sark.


    Alderney is just about my favourite place on the planet, So much so I married a local 🙂 but later realised all the locals are actually quite mad and it ended very messily 😥

    I have spent a lot of time out there, send my kids out regularly, its like a step back thirty years in the pace of life.

    Take a good book for if the weathers bad, enjoy the local pubs (Coronation Inn for the “chatting to mad locals spit and sawdust feel”, Campania used to be best for sunday lunch, but I think it may have sold recently, and Divers for general enjoyment and food )

    heres a few samples of what you’ve got to look forward to:


    So, the Germans had cell phones, eh?


    Glad you enjoyed yourself!

    Breda is brewed over here. I have a feeling you may not be able to get it in the Netherlands now.

    There is quite a large Portuguese community but nowhere near as big as Jerseys.

    Growing up here was great, a fantastic, safe playground, local kids do moan that there’s nothing to do and whilst we could do with a decent cinema the sports facilities are excellent for the size of the population.


    UncleFred – long shot but did I meet you once at LibJam the year they had the big BMX jump on the pier? You told me you had Danny Hart’s old Balfa (if that is you?)

    Alderney eh? Very nice. Brace yourself for the areoplane ride though. If you’re not used to flying in ‘small’ planes then it’s a bit of a culture shock.

    First time I went (wife’s Grandmother lives there and her uncle is the Jurat. Also – how coold is this – the wife used to pop back and forth in the leased plane she had when she was 17 as a way getting her hours up) was a shock. The wife kept saying ‘honey it’s a small plane’ and I kept saying, ‘sure, I’ve been on small planes before’.

    Well I had but even then they still had a central aisle and at least one member of cabin crew.

    No, the planes they fly to Alderney are small enough that you can reach over and tap the pilot on the shoulder 😯

    Portuguese seem to be in force on all the channel islands. I’ve been told it’s because of the climate?

    i went foot passenger with the bike . . .just cycled around the island, easilly doable in a day


    Geetee – not not me.

    Aurigny fly Britten Normandie Trilanders into Alderney. Pilot only. No first officer. They seat you by size to balance out the plane, they used to use Islanders and you’d have to stand on the baggage scales.

    The Portuguese workers started coming on the late 70’s early 80’s when the finance industry took off. They took a lot of the manual work and hospitality jobs whilst all the locals went into finance.

    There’s been a shift to Latvians and Polish over the last 10 years or so, pretty much the same as the rest of the UK.

    I still need to go to Alderney.

    Good thing about bringing your bike on the ferry is that you don’t pay for it! Cheaper than getting a bus and a good way to get around.

    One other thing…hair salons and barbers shops absolutely everywhere.

    Everyone on the island must be getting their hair done several times per week!

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