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  • Not sure if this helps, but I just bought a new BLT alu frame, which came with that rear maxle. So I had to by a set of 142×12 adaptors for my Hope Evo hub, took 5 minutes to stick them on.

    what axle did your frame come with?

    If in doubt, email Santa Cruz, they were pretty helpful for me.


    My frame won’t come with an axle as it’s a warranty replacement.

    I’ve done a bit of reading now and I understand that 12×142 x12 has a different dropout system to 12×142 and the TRc doesn’t use the x12.

    But I need to know if there is any actual difference in a 12×142 hub and can it be used in either an x12 dropout or a regular 12×142 dropout?

    The (x12) bit on the just riding along site has thrown me.

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    the pro2 will work fine with any 142 axle. iirc there’s several (three?) different 142×12 systems, each of them will use the same wheel, with the only real difference being that the axles arent interchangeable in the dropouts. The hub is a standard diameter and will fit all of these systems.


    Sweet, thanks vinnyeh. Just when you think you’ve got your head around all these ‘standards’ (contradiction much?) you’re forced into a new one grrr.


    If that’s the axle Santa Cruz recommend then it’ll fit fine, the hubs are the same. Its how it screws into the drop-out system that varies as far as I’m aware

    ps lucky git :mrgreen:

    Edit : beaten to it


    Hi all

    Just when I thought I’d got my head around converting my Pro 2 to the new Evo with the 12×142 axle & spacing, I notice something else.

    On this link http://www.justridingalong.com/hub-spare-parts-bearings-axles/hub-conversion-kits/hope-pro-2-to-pro-2-evo-upgrade-kit-1.html for 12×142 it states x12 in brackets.

    Does this mean I need to use a specific x12 axle if I convert my hub using this kit? And will ANY 12×142 hub work in a frame with the 142mm spacing?

    For what it’s worth the hub will be going in a 2013 Blur TRc and I’m hoping to use this axle http://www.santacruzbikes.co.uk/shop/product/dt-rws-axle-142×12/402, as far as I know the Blur TRc doesn’t use the x12 standard and is just regular 12×142, please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Please help 😆

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