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  • 120mm bolt through air forks
  • sssimon

    other than the new reba which i’m almost set on wat else should i be looking at, currently running a 07 uturn air revelation but it could be stiffer for a 6’2 13 stone not paticularily smoth rider who loves rooty rutted trails


    Just bought the ‘Absolute’ version of these. Lovely forks (think I had the last 120mm pair off CRC and distributors have no more stock). If you don’t mind 20mm less travel check out my 2 week old 100mm hex axle Minute Comps on a well-known auction site 😉 Coil sprung (hence the sale – even a soft spring was too hard for me) but alu steerer so same weight as their air replacements.


    I’ve got the reba bolt thru’s and I’m over 14 stone… no problems here, they are plenty stiff.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    14st, 6′ and loving my new Fox F120 RL QR15’s…plush as a plush thing on a plush day, but really direct steering.

    I’ve been running a set of 145mm Nixons since xmas. I had them apart last night to tweak the shim stack in the damper and I have to say, they’re a step up internally from those I’ve had in 2005 – as high quality of Rockshox and Fox.

    Just really a note not to discount Manitou on reputation. (I’d personally stick to the TPC+ version though!)


    air u-turn pikes?

    The Badger

    Rebas are the best if you only need 120mm imho. For extra stiffness the Revelations can be changed internally to 120mm (and i am liking the look of those new 2010 ones) for not much extra weight.
    Fox QR15 are worth a look too

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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