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  • exilegeordie


    As previously mentioned, Geordie Junior has a Strider balance bike. Because he’s a bit of a shorthouse for his age, I don’t think he’s ready to move up to a 14″/16″ pedal bike just yet, and anyway, he really enjoys his balance bike.

    The one downside I see to the Strider is the plastic wheels. When the temperature drops/rain falls/leaves gather, they can prove unstable for him. Living in Scotland, this accounts for about 90% of the year.

    So, I was thinking I could maybe source some ‘proper’ 12″ wheels which took proper tyres and tubes. And that’s where I’m struggling. It could just be my rubbish Googling skills, but I can’t find anything online.

    Can anyone recommend any retailers that may sell this type of thing? I’d like him to continue to cycle through the winter, safe in the knowledge that the bike isn’t going to break away from beneath him.


    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Recycabike for a second hand 12″ wheel bike or wheels?


    Think specialized do a 12 inch hotrock – i used that with the pedals off for mine who remain shortarses. They look like they are on 29 ers now they are on geared bikes [ 20 “] bit big but they needed the gears

    As for individual wheels not sure sorry


    Thanks guys – seems a bit OTT to have to buy a complete bike, just to nab the wheels off it. That said, it looks like that may be my only option.

    matt – thanks for the recommendation – I’ll take a look at their FB page tonight as I’m at work at the moment.


    Try talking to your LBS, they should be able to get hold of 12″wheels & tyres easily enough, if not from a bike manufacturer, then from a wholesale. I know I can & I’m only part time in the trade.


    I got a 12″ pedal bike from the dump, I had to give the guy £2 to liberate it.
    You would need 2 bikes for 2 front wheels to fit the balance bike. £4

    The Hotrock comes as a 12″ pedal bike if he is ready, but I dont know if its actually a lot smaller in other dimensions than the Isla cnoc 14″.
    The Hotrock 12″ is certainly a lot higher sadlle than the 12″ Hotwalk.

    My lad is in a similar position being quite small, he can pedal just fine but can’t reach the floor on the dump find with stabilzers, & he flies about like a madman on his Hotwalk, there just is not a pedal bike out there that fits him.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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