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  • 11spd SLX mech won’t work with 11-46 cassette – help!
  • I’ve just swapped all my kit over from a 26″ Rocket to a 26″ 456 Evo 2. I’ve had most of it set up on the 456 before, but whilst I’ve had the Rocket built up I upgraded from a 10spd 11-36 Zee setup to an 11spd 11-46 SLX. It worked fine on the Rocket.

    On the 456 it doesn’t. With no chain on and the mech in the highest (11t) gear the cable pinch bolt is within a few mm of the bigger cogs. In the lowest (46t) gear the top jockey wheel interferes with the 46t cog.

    Whatever I do with the B-limit screw seems to make negligible difference.

    Has anyone experienced this? It looks like the mech is rotated too far back, but the tab on the mech is up against the one on the frame so I don’t think it can be that. There is maybe a tiny bend in the hanger, but I don’t think enough to cause this much problem.

    No pics I’m afraid as I’m also having freehub issues and that’s also in lots of little bits.

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    Are you trying to use a Direct Mount mech on a non-Direct Mount hanger/frame?

    I don’t *think* so… It’s a bog standard M7000 SLX mech and as I say, worked fine on the Rocket (which also isn’t direct mount).

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    I have had to use a spacer between the Mech hangar and the mech on an old 456 to get the gears to play nicely..

    mech hangar was checked and perfectly aligned..

    It effectively made the hangar a few mm thicker and moved the mech outwards..

    with one setup, the mech was literally bottomed out on the spring with the limit screw removed and still wouldnt change into the 11T cog.. added the spacer… and it all worked fine.

    might help a bit in your situation too..

    Yep that would probably work… I’ll give it a go once my hub is whole again.

    If not then it’s back to 10spd I go!

    Have you got the right cage size for 11-46?

    Mister P

    There’s only one cage length in SLX 11 speed mechs.

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    OP, search out a thread I stayed early last year!

    I was setting up a sunrace 11 50, 11spd drive train. Nightmare. Tried SLX, XT mechs to sort. Three types in the end!

    Your problem sounds very similar…..

    In the end a shorter cage xt mech AND using a tool to adjust the mech hanger for alignment cured the issue. It’s all in that thread. PM me if you can’t find it and I’ll have a go. 👍



    Made all the difference on the 11-46t (albeit 10 speed) cassette I stuck on my hardtail & Fat Bikes.

    Worth a shot – it’s an easy fit

    Definitely the right mech, it worked absolutely fine on my Rocket. I’ll have a look Poopscoopcheers!

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    Wasn’t there a similar thread a while ago that turned out to be the tab on the mech hanger where the b screw sits being in a different position between bikes?

    Would make sense if this setup worked on your other bike.

    The B limit screw acts on the mech, the tab on the hanger marries up to a tab on the mech. I think that could be it though, could just be that older frames weren’t designed with such massive cassettes in mind.


    You can buy extra long B-Screws; would that help move the jockey wheel away from the cassette?

    Possibly (it’s all in bits at the moment as the freehub bearings are dust).


    For Shimano 11 speed you need 8-9mm minimum gap between the top jockey wheel and the 46t cog for it to work properly.

    Aye I think I remember that from setting up the Rocket.

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    Sounds like the 456 hanger is not correctly orientated. Goatlink may well help but shouldn’t be required.

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