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  • 11 speed Sram shifter with Shimano mech?
  • reeksy
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    Does it work?

    Given the state of my mech I’m in the market for a new one.


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    Not done that way round as don’t like sram shifters but did Shimano shifter and sram mech and it worked fine so can’t see why it wouldn’t

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    I have an Eagle shifter and Shimano mech working perfectly with 12 speed so would think that the 11speed version and gear indexing would be fine.

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    12 speed is ok, but my understanding is that for 11sp that the pull ratio is different enough for them not to work

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    Different pull ratios, you won’t line up all 11 clicks.

    I’m using an 11speed (Gripshift) with an M5100 mech, but that’s on a 10 speed cassette,.

    SRAM 11 speed “X-Actuation” is close enough to Dynasis 10 speed click for click that it works with one dead position.

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    They work. I’ve run most combos of SRAM/Shimano 11sp and it works fine. I can’t tell any difference in shift quality. The official answer though is no, since the shifters pull slightly different amounts of cable (about 0.1mm different).

    Shimano XT vs SRAM GX mechs is a no-brainer IMO. Low end SRAM derailleurs are such trash and I can’t bring myself to pay the ridiculous prices for their high-end ones.

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    The Shiftmate compatibility charts suggest it should work fine. If it didn’t they’d sell you a Shiftmate to make it work.

    Shiftmate Compatibility Charts and Choices

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    I run GX 11 speed gripshifts with a 10 and an 11 speed shimano mech’s on 10 and 11 speed cassettes and it works a treat.

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    I run a SRAM X0 11sp shifter, with an XT 11 speed medium cage mech and SRAM XG1150 cassette, it  shifts perfectly.

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    Works great – 11 speed GX shifter with a XT mech here.

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    I’m now running an X1 shifter with XT mech a Sunrace 11-46 cassette and a 12-speed SLX(?) chain.

    I think it’s shifting better than it ever did with SRAM derailleurs.

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