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  • 11 46 9 speed cassette ?
  • nofx
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    Is there anywhere in the UK that sells a 11 46 9 speed cassette at a reasonable price? I‚Äôve traveled the net for hours to no avail ūüôĄ. Any info ( preferably a link) would be gratefully appreciated ūüėä.

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    Didn‚Äôt exist at the time, even with 10 speed it wasn‚Äôt until they came up with ‚Äėexpander‚Äô sprockets did longer-range cassettes become a thing. You could try adding an expander sprocket?

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    I’ve never heard of a 9 speed, the ratio jumps would be too big in the low gears. Just swapped my 3 x 9 to a 1 x 11 and enjoying it. I bought:7

    11√ó46 Sunrace cassette
    34T shimano SLX chain ring
    175mm shimano SLX crank set
    Shimano 11 speed chain
    SLX 11 speed shifters.

    I bought it all brand new from two shops and it came in at £208

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    My specialized has the 11 46 9 speed.its a sunrace one. I’ve seen the bolonay ones,but they look a bit suspect to me.

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    I have a sunrace 11-42 on my cargo bike with 3√ó9 for massive ratios, seems ok and looks like you can get bigger now

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    My finances are pretty dire at the mo, due to being off work. The 11t cog is worn,I ordered an 11t for a 9 speed cassette but the shop sent the wrong one out , they sent me a cog for an 11 speed ūüôĄ I only paid 350 quid for the bike. It needed about 5 hours work to get it running right. The bikes an 08 specialized enduro fsr.

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    It’s probably cheaper to buy a 10 speed shifter, cassette, chain, chain ring and rear mech but box do 9 speed.


    With a normal 9 speed mech you might struggle with a wide range cassette

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    have run a bolany for 7 months on my old turner with the hanger extension that came with it.

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    I bought shimano 9 speed 12-36 last year for an old hardtail going 1x.

    Pair it with a 30T chaining and it will do what you want for cheap. It’s even using a short cage 9 speed xt mech with no problems at all.


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    Cheers for replies ūüėĀ

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    @cartwheels that’s a proper bargain…thanks I might buy a couple.

    I currently use a Sunrace 40t 9 speed one and it’s been great when used with a goat link hanger thing.

    It’s good to see the trickle down to more modest budgets. 9 speed works and there’s no reason not to have the same range of ratio.

    It occurred to me that my 9 speed XTR shifter must be at least 20 years old and hasn’t missed a beat. It was second hand when it came with a bike. Have knackered plenty of derailleurs in that time of course :oD

    9 speed is therefore the ecological choice

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    https://www.decathlon.co.uk/mtb-cassette-9s-11×42-id_864439.html. Found this. I guess I’ll have to have to put more effort into getting it up the hills .

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