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  • 10minute presentation …. No visual aids.
  • mefty

    Most presentation courses you go on will always say it is about how you say it rather than what you say that makes a good presentation. All presentations fall into two categories: either to persuade or to inform. If they have given you a topic it is probably the latter if it is about yourself then it is the former and the aim of the presentation is to persuade them to employ you.

    Assuming the latter, go to someone and ask what they would want to know to be persuaded – they will come up with two or three questions such as what would you bring to the company? and why do you want the job?

    So your content is

    Introduction (1 min)

    State purpose – persuade you to employ me
    What questions you are going to answer i.e. the ones given to you

    So for instance:

    What would I bring to the company? (4 mins) (if you have three questions then it is 3 mins for the most important 2 and 2 for the least)

    List three or four qualities – no more and illustrate them with examples and anecdotes from your experience, there are other devices you can use but I will keep simple – this is a key bit to getting your point across, they will remember examples and ancedotes much better than just a list.

    Why do I want to join the company (4mins)

    Again three or four reasons and put them into a context compared to your present role and make them easy to understand.

    Conclusion (1 min)

    Restate aim to persuade you to employ me.

    Why me? Restate qualities

    Why you? Restate point.

    Any questions?


    Bring out your inner Italian when you speak, look at the triangle formed by their eyes and nose and enjoy yourself.

    I’d use the stlye of the fonts and text to make it visual thing.

    Alter size of text and postion and aligment.😀 🙂 😕 😐 🙁 😥

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    Hope the interview goes better than this one.



    Some sound advice in this thread, the only thing I’ve picked up over the years that doesn’t seem to be in and works (for me anyway) to get audience engagement from the off is to open with a question that requires some sort of answer, even if it’s only “can you all hear me okay?” or something like that

    It’s not the subject of the question that matters, it’s that the presentees give some sort of answer, that locks them in and makes them feel like they’re participating in something, rather than passively viewing / hearing it.

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    If they don’t seem to be responding much, ask “Is English your first language?”

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