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    I need to replace the groupset on my commuter.. its currently 9sp sora but I was going to go 10sp (moar is btter obvs!). 10sp stuff seems in short supply; because I want a cx 46/36 crankset I’m not going to buy a complete groupset.

    I can get a pair of the 10sp 5700 shifters, but it seems the lever throw is differnet for them (both shifting and breaking). Anyone any idea if they work with avid bb7 mechanical disks (that I already have)? Also I think its jsut front derailer where there is an issue. Is it right that any shimano 10sp derailler will work?

    Cheers for any help!

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    Firstly avoid the 5700 shifters. This was one of the first generations where the gear cables go under the bar tape instead of out of the side of the shifter. The cable runs a very tight angle in a plastic groove which wears quickly and the shifting fails. We’ve had to replace quite a few of these in the shop.

    Either go Tiagra 4700 shifters but be aware you need either a 4700 rear mech or an 11 speed mech from a higher series, or go 11 speed.

    They are all compatible with BB7 brakes as long as they are the road version not the mountain version.

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    Just use compressionless cables with the BB7s for much better braking power

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    As above, they’ll work, but use compressionless cable. I use this, it’s great

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    With decent cables and careful routing 5700 shifters work well and haven’t had issues with any of the 3 sets I am currently running. They will work with bb7 road brakes and in theory any Shimano 6,7,8,9 speed road or mtb rear mech or any 10spd road rear mech except 4700 tiagra (oh and probably not the new 10spd grx on either). They should also be fine with most shimano front road mechs too.

    They work fine with BB7s, but do use compressionless cables. Shifters work with 9/10 speed road rear derailleurs (but not the new Tiagra 10 speed), and I think also with 8/9 (but not 10) speed Shimsno MTB stuff.

    As above the cable run isn’t great. Had a few sets and have never worn out the plastic groove as described above, but shift cable inners do seem to get worn through at the shifter once a year or so.

    46/36 is a bit of a strange choice if you’re not racing cross? A 50/34 compact will give you a lower gear if that’s what you’re wanting…


    Cheers all – yes commuter bike becomes pit bike in winter hence cx gearing… but for a pit bike if i go for 50/34 it wont be awful. I can get the 4700 as a groupset – the 105 I would have to pick up seperately but comes to a similar price with the budget shimano cx crankset.

    Bit dubious of 105 if the cable routing is a pain as I’m not always the best at keeping things gunk free; especially when it gets psuhed into cx duty.

    edit. Any thoughts on using a 50/34 for cx?

    Or whether I can get a 46 outer chainring for the tiagra 4700 chainset? I see you can for ultegra which I guess would fit but the ring is £130!

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