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  • 104 point safety check my *insert expletive*
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    i bought a car a couple of weeks ago, a little runabout for me to get to and fro work (Vauxhall Vectra…..go on, laugh)

    I purchased it from a reputable garage from their trade in’s but their website boasts a 104 point safety check and the saleman assured me that the brakes had been checked, brakepipes pads and discs had ben replaced on the back.

    I put the car into my usual garage for a timing belt change (very trustworthy, my family has used them for 15 years and even get a christmas card from them) they put it up on the ramps, a brakepipe burts quite dramatically. The rear discs and pads are also well and truly shot and have to be replaced. The owener said i was lucky because i was looking at a complete brake failure.

    I’mgoing to phone the garage tomorrow and tell him very politely that he sold me unroadworthy and i wasnt reimbursed for the supposed work that they were supposed to do…….what official bodies can i complain to if it goes badly?

    Premier Icon nasher
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    By Law a dealer cant sell you an unroadworthy and adangerous car.

    i.e if the engine goes bang…tough luck, but if the brakes do (within a time period) then the dealer is liable.

    Also there is some false advertising there!!!

    Get advice from CAB

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    The 104 check usually means – we sent the office kid out to kick the tyres..
    we checked the door hinges were greased, we checked the log book and removed the price tag out the windscreen

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    What they said.

    Premier Icon BobaFatt
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    thats what i thought – i’m going to speak to the bloke tomorrow, kick up a fuss then try to bill them for the work that had to be done on the brakes. If i don’t get anywhere then i’m heading to the police to report them for selling unroadworthy cars

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    CAB usually are enough.

    Premier Icon steveh
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    I’m not sure you’ll get far with billing them for the work. You have to give them the opportunity to repair it themselves. Worth a try though.

    I’m not sure under what law you’d reporting them to the police either. They just claim the brakes work when they drove/tested it and it failed after unexpectedly.

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    I think you might have scuppered yourself by getting the work done elsewhere, tbh 🙁

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    A decent report from your mechanic will come in use whatever you choose to do.

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    Yet another example of why not to trust car st(d)ealers, I feel for those who have no other choice.

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