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  • £1000 hardtail 29r…….best vfm?
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    Merlin have some decent 29ers at that price point, the malt 29er and the beone

    frankly all of the bikes on this thread look pretty good bets

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    I’m still looking at this price range Ton and have been looking for a year now! Just can’t decide if I want a 29er (again) or a heavy duty cross bike for do it all purposes. The Tripster has taken my eye but need the Alu version to arrive as Ti is way out my price range. I can’t seem to get past this though


    Love the Cooker and not sure weather to go frame only or just get this one, extra money off also through topcashback. Decisions, decisions eh!


    Again OT 😀 I was part of the RAF mixed team. Wore RAF team kit, bright green Scott kit and zip vit kit. I rode my boardman (not one hiccup with it) for all my laps.


    I’ve got a Bizango, If I had the grand to spend I’d probably go for the Parkwood, obvious upgrades to the voodoo are better forks and a dropper which the Parkwood comes with. Also the Parkwood has a tapered steerer, so you can easily change the forks. a tapered steerer will fit the Voodoo, but it’ll need an external bottom cup so will slacken the front out a bit more.

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    monkeychild – Member
    @Kryton cheers. It was brutal. Where you riding a mamasita in a singletrack top??

    that was probably me. (red rigid mamasita). Had a red top to start with, then the old freebee blue/black singletrack top later on. Rigid got tough as the braking bumps deepened up nicely later 🙂 Well done everyone! – Great w-e


    Hi Parkwood owners… Pretty set on one of these but unsure what size I need. I’m right in the middle of medium and large, does anyone have one close ish to Oxford area I can have a sit\ bounce on?

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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