£100 to spend on warm winter stuff………what would you get??

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  • £100 to spend on warm winter stuff………what would you get??
  • druidh

    4 bottles of a decent malt


    Merino tops and wool socks for starters


    Am with him^^^ 😛

    Premier Icon ton

    druidh………brought some edradour back from my hols 8)


    Some waterproof boots, or a gortex coat?

    Some coal and logs to throw on the fire, a good whisky and some new slippers from m&s.


    Shud've gone to aldi 😉

    Icebreaker base layer.

    Premier Icon Lummox

    Merino buff, pair of dhb 3/4 bibs with the fleecy knees, endura soft shell fronted wind proof jacket. Should top up summer gear nicely.

    a fluffy dog to curl up by the fire with ? :mrgreen:

    A Buffalo shirt? Oh, not THAT warm…

    Premier Icon giantjason

    sealskinz waterproof socks and base layeers


    depends-do you get cold feet and hands if so id aim my cash in that direction

    if not then proper winter tights and waterproof socks and a decent jacket


    clothes you can layer up, cold wet feet can spoil a ride. I'd go for decent winter boots.


    Willie warmer and Oven gloves

    Premier Icon Northwind

    £5 tesco fleece and cut the arms off
    £10 worth of cheap thermal base layers from TK Maxx
    £25 pair of Sealskins and some merino socks
    £35 Fox Antifreeze gloves
    £25 as a downpayment on a hooker

    If any of these aren't required then £44 Altura Attack waterproof trousers

    Premier Icon ton

    got a ton to spend on winter warm stuff………what to buy??


    Endura Baa Baa (merino) base layer is very warm and comfy – about £35
    Sealskinz – the merino ones are £22
    Decent gloves – about £25
    A bottle of Dalwhinnie


    leg warmers
    ski socks
    some of those diadora chilli winter boots !

    Premier Icon lunge

    Thermal tights from Decathlon
    Cheap softshell from Decathlon again
    Thick wool socks from any outdoors shop
    Winter gloves
    Thermal base layer
    Hip flask from Aldi

    Premier Icon MSP

    Don't get sealskins they are crap, buy these instead and wear over normal socks.


    The problem with sealskins is that most of the insulation is outside the waterproof membrane, so when they get wet they still transmit heat away from the body.
    Same is true of wet merino wool, it may be marginally better than normal wool when wet but if you are getting wet synthetic fibres are far superior, merino is nice if you are staying dry.


    'bout a tenner gets you a Lifa-dry balaclava, thin enough to fit under the helmet easily, keeps ears and throat warm, wicks sweat away, but won't totally cook you. Well worth having on cold days(especially if you've got no hair like me).


    Buff for the ear warming
    Knee warmers – brilliant for the colder weather
    Arm warmers – makes any top long-sleeved regardless of how big you are
    DeFeet Woolie Boolie socks – my default socks all year round now
    Last year's warm gloves – reduced in price but not in performance


    just go to aldi

    Go to gamestation and pick up a used XBox 360 and some games.

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    When the weather is really horrible (cold, rain, windy, whatever) I find it very hard to drag myself out of the house. My imagination of how cold I will feel is almost always worse than the actual experience. Therefore, the items that you buy that will make you think "that's OK, I'll be warm and toasty all ride" will be the ones that are best value. They'll double the amount of rides you do.

    With me it's waterproofs. I hate the idea of starting in the rain so a couple of mudguards, some overtrousers and a boil in the bag jacket overcome my fear. The outer layers usually come off at the top of the first hill and rarely get put back on.

    3/4 length bibs.
    Waterproof Baggys


    Goose fat…

    Gore windstopper jacket. I run quite warm and got a phantom last winter. best bit of bike clothing i own. Fine down to just above freezing with nothing underneath, add a baselayer for the real cold (as long as moving).

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Oh, mudguards, doh! Yep, so obvious I forgot. SKS Shockboard for the front… Not sure what for the rear, crudcatcher fixed some of their issues but still not perfect, might still be the best though.

    "The problem with sealskins is that most of the insulation is outside the waterproof membrane, so when they get wet they still transmit heat away from the body."

    That's why you get the merino liners. Keeps (most) water out and keeps you toasty.

    Waterproof jacket,
    Water proof leggings,
    Over shoe covers,
    Waterproof socks,
    Waterproof gloves.

    Use your summer jersey/gear as layers.

    And Aldi is ideal if you wash your fabrics often and sheer on branches or road rash (hopefully not).

    Premier Icon CHB

    embers merino for me.
    Have smartwool too, but its crap compared to Embers.

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