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  • 100 days of exercise until Christmas 2023
  • walowiz
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    Has this thread resulted in anyone else making a change for the good?

    Definitely yes, still keeping on keeping on with the daily exercise of 45 mins or so. Feeling fitter and just better, I do plan a rest day in every 10 days or so which really helps, the rest day is actually a hour or two walking with Willa, rest just means not biking, swimming or running.

    Could be timing, but I felt bloody exhausted after doing the 100 days in 2022 and after 2-3 weeks barely returned to exercising 2-3 times a week and not bothering to get out and move when at work.

    But this time I have kept it going. Must just be slightly more motivated this time. Definitely helps with overall feeling of well being.

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    Yes, much like walowiz, still going but with planned rest days (I really do rest though). The Parkour training is going great – my daughter was on school holiday and we just did 7 days straight an hour a day. It’s starting to get a bit scary when she’s climbing along window ledges 3 metres up. I’m looking forward to warmer weather though…

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    Since completing this challenge some years back now, I have made it a bit of a habit or commitment to myself. I’m still aiming to exercise for at least an hour every day and probably only had one or two days off since Christmas.
    I’m trying to run first thing every weekday morning for thirty minutes followed by a ride or weights session later on.
    Weekends it’s been bike rides and dog walks. I love it!

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    Kudos if you’ve kept going.

    I had a fairly active Christmas, but found it difficult finding time to exercise while transitioning back to work (heavy workload, business trips, DIY and crap weather), other than lots of dog walking and uprooting a tree!

    The latter part of January has seen improvements. I have bought a smart trainer and started Zwifting, which I’m quite enjoying and trying to do regularly.

    Only one yoga sesh this year but yesterday I got my mat out, which is a start!

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