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  • 10 under the ben vs 10 @ kirroughtree
  • keavo

    which one would you ride, and why?

    Done both solo last year, for me its got to be kirroughtree.. every lap puts a smile on your face no matter how sh*t your feeling, it just seems to flow better than 10 UTB, the last section of singletrack that you do is just fantastic..



    I have not done 10under theben yet but did KT last year and thought it was excellent. Singletrack and natural stuff was very good.

    Doing them all this year.


    Kirroughtree, much better than the ben imo.



    i’ve done both of them twice. not much between them apart from midge levels – both great events.

    10uBen feels like a major event. i prefer it as a course for racing solo (although I’d rather go for a normal ride at KT). camping field at KT is a little better.

    i’m planning on both again this year and mebbe 10@Moray too.

    Premier Icon Stu_N

    10 at Kirroughtree is a more fun course but I think 10UTB is a better course for solo.

    10@KT a great course for riding because you’re either climbing or descending on singletrack so little respite and with the exception of the last descent there aren’t really any long climbs or descents on the course, also nowhere you can ease off and eat or drink for a minute or two. There’s almost too much singletrack for a solo endurance event, they could spare some for SITS or Mayhem 😛 I found it harder to pace myself and make sure I was eating and drinking enough because it’s just good riding all the time.

    10UTB is better for a solo effort – it’s got a better “vibe” partly because the entry is bigger and partly because I guess it’s No Fuss homeland! The course is largely a bit of down, one long climb, one long descent with a sharp climb in the middle and a gradual climb back to the start – longer segments suit me better I think. Also got some level forest road for whacking a banana/ energy bar/ gel/ rock of crack to keep you going.

    For a team I’d say definitely 10@KT – solo it’s really hard to call, fortunately I’m planning on doing both this year again!


    i’ve done 10UTB, and rate it highly. looks like it could be difficult (with work commitments) this year though. team mates had family with them and they seemed to enjoy it too. does kirroughtree cater well for non riders?

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