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  • 10 things every mountain biker should have done?
  • hofnar

    Lower your bike down a 25 ft cliff cos you don’t wan’t too back track 15 miles, climb the dam and climb a 8 feet fence with bike and pack on the other side.

    Get lost and the resort to follow the stream to civilisation.

    Those things happen if you do a two week tour across a country with only a car road map and a mate who sort off speaks the language.

    For the guy with tie a knot in the tube(it does work) done 200+ miles on one on the road bike before i punctured it again in another spot.


    squish 2 lower back discs…?


    i like mountain biking and i think a mountain biker should fall and get stiches… 😛


    Done all on that list except the group high-five at the very end. Although riding to the sea fees like cheating for me: -almost unavoidable where I live 😀

    I would like to add:
    -Ridden a mountain bike in a cross race and beaten people on cross bikes.
    -Owned a singlespeed mountain bike (whether you liked it/saw the point is optional!)
    -Fallen off in a trailcentre car park/reclaimed railway cyclepath.
    -Burnt yourself on a disc rotor.

    Premier Icon MussEd

    Ride through dog/cow/sheep/deer faeces and ‘enjoy’ the spray on your face. Makes you feel alive.

    Throw your bike down off the side of the trail in a fit of rage as you’re slowly eaten alive by swarms of midges trying to affect a bodge to get you back.

    No one mentioned laugh at a mates crash until you realise they’ve banjoed themselves…


    Get back on it after being broken.

    Ride off the summit.

    Ride a century.

    Pass the love it on to someone else.

    Jelly babies.

    Premier Icon bratty

    Did all of them before I left school, but my 1st experiences of each would be a bit more northern…

    Sleep next to your bike – (pics of me waking up in a dark damp wood in the lakes covered in slugs i had squashed in my sleep)

    Racing – (pics of me getting gobbed in the face, then my seatpost slipping down reversing my earlier progrees through the field as my saddle height bacem a bit too BMX)

    Riding abroad – (pics of sunburnt skinny youth on a dodgy french hire bike rolling round endless fireroads)

    Build your own bike – (pics of me in a freezing cold garage rebuilding my dads old 531 60’s road bike using no new parts)

    Explore your own trails – (pics of my pushing a raleigh equipe through a bog)

    etc etc.

    Music would also have to be something the smiths – ‘punctured bicycle on a hillside desolate’

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    converting your geared bike to single speed mid trail while coming to the realisation that your bike doesn’t actually need all of those spokey things.

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    A circumnavigation of the Cairngorms should be in there too! 🙂


    Get naked changing in an inappropriately public carpark after a muddy ride.

    Premier Icon aracer

    Ridden in horizontal rain, requiring you to pedal downhill to get anywhere (because then you appreciate the good days more).

    Or how about walking downhill on tarmac because the cross-wind made it impossible to ride (though thankfully no rain on that occasion).

    -Owned a singlespeed mountain bike

    Pah – if you’re going there:
    ridden a unicycle off-road 8)

    Premier Icon surroundedbyhills

    Stopping for a trailside pee and having your belief that you’re alone being brought into sharp focus as an attractive member of the opposite sex rides by…

    you can’t just “stop” now can you..

    EDIT – I only ticked this off at the weekend.


    Riding for so long in the cold and wet that I had to slide my hands off the ends of the bar as I couldn’t open my fingers.


    Damn, beaten to it with the grass in tyre fix! But on from that, 2 punctures in inner tube and 2 knots. Gap between knots doesn’t inflate, so fill that with grass:-) worked for me!


    Four definites and a couple of maybes for me. My own top ten would be very different.


    Out in the countryside ride passed a lovely church swear like a trooper as chain drops on to bottom bracket, look over wall to see funeral halted mid coffin lower in shock. Not me who swore but I am now married to the culprit.


    Two I think are missing:

    Ride a piece of trail you have built

    Introduce someone to MTB.


    Colin-T – Member

    Two I think are missing:

    Ride a piece of trail you have built

    Introduce someone to MTB.

    Like that, so my number 13 is organise a race.
    What to do for 14


    Anyone ever done the grass/turf in a tyre cos you’re 15 miles from the car and just burst your last inner tube?

    I’ve done it, it does compress so you need to put loads in there, and you can’t avoid a flat spot, which will kill your back after 10 miles.

    Knot in inner tube has worked fine for me.


    Given the number of trail centre only riders these days, I think every mountain biker needs to just draw a circle on a map and follow it to see what’s there.

    Also, in the same vein, discovering a ribbon of unridden singletrack after a day’s bog trudging is always particularly rewarding

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    done 6 of them, plus 1 more on a road bike. only bivvy (done but not with a bike) and transalp to tick off. don’t care about doing a race.

    meh @ trail centre, building a trail (i think that comes under the discover a trail anyway).

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