10 Reasons to drink Real Ale…. worth reading.

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  • 10 Reasons to drink Real Ale…. worth reading.
  • JulianA, whereabouts are you? Corsham maybe? (Two Pigs?)

    Stig’s stuff is still pretty local, which I like. He took it over from mad, mad Tony Bunce (Was called Bunces) and kept the tradition going, which is superb.

    Also, his genius with Sign of Spring….! Green beer! I men, if you saw it on sale, you’d buy a pint just to try, wouldn’t you? It helps that it’s lovely too!

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    Discovered this wee place yesterday on the way back from my ride


    I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. 300+ scottish ales and the most amazing service from the owner. Everything’s available to order through their website.


    Mmmmm, totally agree with the OP. Had a couple of pints of Banks’s last night, and a couple of pints of Moles this afternoon, and my local has just got Hobgoblin on tap, but that will have to wait ’till I’m not driving! Second Riggwellter, Bath Ales Gem and Dark Hare, Blandford Fly…


    well you try holding a camera phone still after a few of these!

    Fresh from the cellar, going in to my glass right now…..


    Damn, din’t get a chance to sample the MT IPA last night!

    Ho hum. I spose I’ll have to go back again. What a chore! 🙂

    I must come out to the wild Sarf East of town one day and try some at the tap, RB!


    Well, I like a drink or too.
    In the summer it is lager.
    Winter I will have an Old Peculiar.
    All year round I love Guinness(Extra cold in summer).


    Deuchars Caledonian 80. Anyone who disagrees with me needs shooting in the face. 😀
    Caledonian80 won the war FACT.
    Caledonian80 gives you 50% longer and stronger erections. FACT.
    Caledonian80 splashed on liberally makes you irrisitable to any 18-30yr old woman FACT.


    CFH – North Hampshire: between Basingstoke and Winchester and not too far from Stockbridge (although we have our own butcher who’s very good). Jody’s farm shop is just down the road (for buffalo steaks etc). Couldn’t wish for a better location…


    Flashy; I’m pretty sure WCA can vouch for the Union in Greenwich. He and I spent a few hours n there last summer. I think it’s possible he may have sampled most of what was on tap! My fave there is the Raspberry Wheat beer. Would probbly have the beer snobs screaming in horror, but it’s a delicious pint; very sharp, fruity and it’s probby at least a couple of yer 5 a day.

    Some of it’s strong stuff, but don’t leave you feeling farked like pasteurised stuff. I don’t think several pints of their Berliner Oktoberfest Special did my mate Scottish Kev any favours, mind (something silly like 8%).

    I do find organic beers tend to give me terrible wind, sometimes. And I’ve had a runny bottom, a few times, after some Real Ales. Not pleasant.

    Meantime have won a couple of awards!


    And how could I forget about this here kitty?

    8.5% alc. vol…. after a couple you pretty much forget everything 🙂

    Itchen Valley now, was at Hogs Back and Pilgrim before that. The kit at Itchen is pretty crappy, and breaks down a fair bit. We were in the most horrendous financial pickle, but due to magic of television, and Sir Gerry ( yes peter I will loan you £675,000 for that mews house in that there London )Robinson we are now minted.
    I will be doing my utmost to put as much of that cash into my wage packet as possible as the loonies who own the place will burn the rest to keep warm.
    In due course well, end of April early May my ugly mug will be on C4 moaning and being miserable, arguementative and rude.
    The working title is Gerrys Big Fix. 600+ companies applied to be on tele , with the chance of a load of dosh and some business advice. My advice was to get the cash nad get a Bulgarian hitman to kill the owner, then divvy what was left up between the staff, get stat redundancy and do one.


    Ah OK sounds interesting, will keep an eye out for that.

    I live about 2km from the Hogs Back brewery so handy for takeouts 🙂


    singletrackmind.. is it you? Is it?

    Or is it someone else?

    But if you work there, you must know Him?

    Pure Gold…

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