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  • 1 x 9 setup for a Soul
  • Just about to push the button on a Soul frame. Got some forks on their way (2012 Revs on Merlin) and pretty well everything else except a stem lying around.

    I’ve got an old XT set of cranks (M770) and an X9 or X0 rear mech and shifter somewhere…

    If I’m going 1×9 – what ring/ring & Bash do people recommend? What chain device? (Obviously no ISCG tabs…)

    This will be for riding local stuff (Bedge/Friston/Surrey Hills) , not for racing or Welsh/Peaks/quantocks type stuff

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    11-34 cassette & 34 tooth E13 ring with E13 XCX guide works for me on the race whip.
    An 11-36 10 speed would be nice though.


    I use one of those superstar chain device jobbies. Xcr? Looks like a front mech. Works a treat. I don’t bother with a bash – in the Chilterns so it’s not very gnarr 🙂

    MRP Lopes. Ludicrously overpriced but excellent


    no bash ring, just a Superstar chain device and a 34 ring, with a 11-34 cassette. That’s what I run.

    Or if you want a bash then consider a BBG bash and an N-gear jumpstop instead of the superstar.


    old thread i know, but do your chains come off or flap about alot with just these xcr type chain devices?I’m very tempted to buy one, but i’m worried about it not having a bottom roller etc.

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    Depends what you ride I reckon. Found on very rooty rocky stuff with 10sp I was still having some trouble so went with an LG1+ with a top guide and bottom roller thing. Works great for me.

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    superstar chain device jobbies

    I’ve got a brand new one (still in packaging) if you decide to go that route.

    Only time I had trouble with the e13 xcx is when back pedalling. Otherwise its worked a treat.
    Ohh, and I ride Hope proII trials hub with a 6 speed casette and loving it.


    I have a e13 xcx on mine, never dropped a chain


    I’ve got the superstar jobbie on mine with a 32t surly stainless ring and never dropped the chain if that is any help.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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