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  • summerwastin

    i'm looking to raise up the front end of my old Kona (now in commute/touring mode) and wondering if anybody still makes 1" steerer steel forks? but with a disc mount preferably. Ideally a newer fork with suspension correcting design would add a little extra height.

    i know i could use a steerer adaptor on top of my current forks to allow a modern stem and extra spacers, or i could use riser bars, but i like the old original stem and bars…..

    is a 29" wheel fork a silly idea? afterall its an old 1992 or 1993 kona frame so it was never designed for much travel up front. i don't want to turn it into a chopper, its just that i've got too much weight on my hands on the bars.

    if i'm honest the frame is too small, so if anyone wants to swap my beautiful original spec lava dome 18" for one in a 19" that would sort out my problem too…..

    to recap: 1" steerer modern forks anyone?


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    I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with disk brakes on a 1" steerer, because any 1" steerer these days is a budget fork and probably not intended for proper offroad use.

    Marzocchi still make a nice fork with a 1 inch steerer. THe MX Pro Lo. I have the 1/18 version and its a really good fork. The travel can be reduced to 80mm also so would be ideal for your Kona. I know its not rigid but they also have a lockout on them and can take V brakes or disc. Merlin or chain reaction have them in stock.


    Exotic forks do alu and carbon 1" steerer forks. (found on ebay)


    I'm 99% sure there is a new set of Marz MX Pro's with a 1" steerer going cheap at Phil Corley Cycles in Milton Keynes.

    Phil Corley Cycles, Unit 3, Erica Road, Stacey Bushes, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK12 6HS
    Phone: +44 (0) 1908 311 424 :: Fax: +44 (0) 1908 225 921 ::

    E-mail Address: shop@philcorleycycles.co.uk


    many thanks….. i'll look into those options


    Exotic as mentioned by Mackem, but they are even cheaper here in all sorts of flavours, looked at 1" ones myself this weekend

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