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    Right so, what is the point?

    I currently run 2×10 with no issues, my chain doesn’t fall off and I can happily use both rings. When I get really tired I can use the little ring on climbs when I want to go fast I can use the big ring.

    I have run 3 by 9/8/7/6 in the past quite happily too also without losing the chain. So why is everyone going to single ring set ups?

    Sorry just can’t see how a single ring is going to be better for riding trails that go both up and down.

    What am I missing aside for a chainguide thingy and a single ring?

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    Marginally lighter, less cluttered bars, easier to fit an under bar dropper post lever, the pros do it, less maintenance, wider range cassettes mean a similar spread of gears.



    Simplicity is the one and only reason for me.


    I’d like to try it out.

    I’ve heard it makes you look cool and might help you make new friends.


    Each to there own really, like every little thing that someone does.


    Your last sentence summed it up, use of a chainguide to ensure the chain stays in place 100% on descents, plus just thinking about only one shifter is brilliant. Plus you tend to attack hills a little harder than before.

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    It’s basically the same appeal as singlespeed- decluttering, and taking away some easy options. Except not as terrible an idea, and still gives you proper gears for descents.

    I’ve left one bike 2×9 and the other is 1×10. Both good at different things. Riding everything in the “middle” is satisfying, right up til the point where I can’t, at which point hopefully I’m on the 2×9 bike 😉


    less cluttered and simplicity only for me, plus if I only have one up front I have to give it some which is making me fitter. Like singlespeed with errr gears 🙂


    because i’m from yorkshire i went 1*9 to save cost 😉 less bits to buy and replace when they wear

    I’ve got a full suss with 2*10 which is great for all day in the peaks/lakes etc

    but my hardtail has one ring up front because i was on a budget at the time. manly used as a winter hack for a few hours paying in the woods and local trails and it’s great for that. makes be attack the hills more and i have never NEEDED a granny ring yet, i have wanted one a few times tho 😳

    because i’m from yorkshire i went 1*9 to save cost

    I damaged my front shifter recently, and it would save me buying a replacement. Some **** off big hills round my way though.

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