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  • 09 Mavic Deemax-Tyre mounting??
  • Right,

    I turn up at my riding spot with two friends and find the valve on my tubeless deemax has snapped and is no longer working. Quick trip to the local bike shop to get a new valve.
    If only it was that simple. No tubless valves so we opt for an inner tube.
    1 hour, 2 mechanics and £17 (rim tape, labour inner tube etc, etc) later, we finally have a scratched rim and a mounted tyre.
    Running both tubeless and tubed, I have never had such issues mounting a tyre. I understand that the rim needs to be snug to run tubeless but this is silly. I have gone through metal core tyre levers like they are tooth pics and have to use steel now. Steel and aluminium are not a good mix.
    I now know that if I suffer a flat on the trail, I can only pack up and go home as there is no way on gods earth you can fix that on the trail.
    So, any ideas. Am I doing something wrong or have Mavic managed to produce a product that stands alone in the market with the ability to strand you in what should be a perfectly rectifiable situation with ANY other rim?


    Aren't they just 823s? I can do them with my bare hands.

    GW, If only!
    It took three of us an hour to mount a tyre today. I am fine with any other wheels and like you, normally only use my hands but these are in a different league.


    I think you must have older Deemax as the 09 onwards (I think) have a narrower rim…anyway I have 2010's and can also do it with my hands…it takes a couple of minutes

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    "Rim tape"? That could be your problem right there.


    Think guitarhero has it, Mavic tubeless rims usually have a solid well that doesn't need tape, and it's the tape that'll take up clearance and make the tyre a tight fit.

    Sorry to upset the theory, but I only put rim tape on as I was running a tube. I don't normally run rim tape, just ust tyres and still have the problem. Oh well, a set of Deemax will be going cheap soon, I can't live with them.

    Thanks for the help.


    Why did you fit a rim tape? Surely you wouldn't need it on a sealed rim.

    Never needed levers on any of my UST rim/tyre combo's. Oh well.


    oh dear.
    no rim tape required (why would you need rim tape because you were running tubes? rim tape is to stop the tube being damaged by the holes in the rim, and on deemax there are no holes because they are PROPER tubeless rims)
    sounds like user error to me.

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    I've just fitted an Ardent UST tyre on an 819 rim, fairly tight but still went on by hand. I've never had to much bother with Mavic rims even when fitting Intense tyres.

    Intense tyres an Sun MTX rims however should never be mixed.
    Oh the horror…………. 😯


    Why would you use rim tape? You don't need it with a mavic tubeless rim when you run a tube, I have used tubes with 823's, 819's and sx's and never even thought to use rim tape.

    What tires are you running?

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