Singletrack Issue 88 Downloads

Issue 88 is here, and here are the contents:


9 // Editorial: Count to 100.

Chipps weighs in with some historical inspiration.

10 // UK Riding: The Tweed Valley - it’s not (just) about the mojitos.

The Enduro World Series hits Peebles in May. Let’s find out why…

20 // The Big Column: The Beauty and the Beast of Compartmentalisation.

Steve Worland busies himself dissecting the dissections we’ve become.

24 // Jewel of the Isle: Green Lanterns and T-Bones.

A lesser-known jewel this time, but no less special for that. Tom Hill tells the tale of many visits to Neath.

26 // Grinder Special: Dieselheads.

We needed a new van, so embarked on a grouptest with a difference - with a little help from Ford, Mercedes and Volkswagen.

32 // International Travel: The Path of Most Resistance.

From the mountains to the sea, over all the lumpy bits in the way. Chipps tackles a large chunk of the Pyrenees.

42 // UK Riding: The King and the Joker.

What makes Jason ‘Terrahawk’ Miles and Guy ‘112.94mph’ Martin tick? They’ll happily tell you, if you can keep up.

50 // Subscribe to Singletrack!

Got 17 questions about our subscriptions? That’s good – because we’ve got 17 answers.

52 // International Travel: Wales, Inverted.

Manmade trails aren’t just for Wales – they’re for koalas too, as Seb Rogers reveals.

62 // Interview: Josh Bryceland.

Ratboy talks to Sam Needham about motivation, motocross and mashing it up with Peaty.

74// Classic Ride: Dartmoor.

Benji’s in love with this corner of the south-west, and he’d like to tell you why…

88 // Propaganda.

Dog eaten your magazine? No worries – the Singletrack shop will sell you a new one! (n.b. Doesn’t work with school homework.)

90 // Through the Grinder.

Seven pages of brand new bits for you and your bike, tested to perfection.

102 // Grinder Bike: 18 Bikes Pinion.

A gearbox bike with a difference from UK handbuilders, 18 Bikes.

107 // Grouptest: Two-by, Or Not To Buy?

Why take three chainrings into the shower when two will do? Seven double chainsets tested over several thousand miles.

118 // Bike test: 26 Is Not Dead Yet.

A brand new threesome of 26in wheeled wonders from Commencal, Devinci and Yeti.

128 // Premier Listings.

Got a Premier Member’s card? Here’s what you can use it for.

130 // We Just Work Here.

Who does what, how to get in touch, what helped this issue on its way and who we’d like to thank.



“I was amazed at how quiet and undiscovered some parts of Ibiza are, like this isolated bit of trail on the south west coast. You’d hardly believe it's just a few miles from night-club central. It was the first time for our guide Ash to ride this hidden gem, something he had spotted on the map - so what started as a bit of late afternoon trail-blazing ended up with some lucky timing, as the sun sank to the right spot above Es Vedrà Island.”

Victor Lucas, Ibiza.



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