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9 // Editorial: Over, Round and Through.
Chipps offers an unconventional tip for smooth trail riding: just miss most of it out.

10 // UK Adventure: Flat Planet.
Chipps accepts a reader’s challenge to explore the ‘mountains’ of Lincolnshire. Are there even such things?

20 // The Big Column: Compromising Situations.
Forget the marketing bollox. ‘Quite good’ is the new awesome – as Steve Worland explains.

22 // Column: Jaws was never my scene (and I don’t like Star Wars).
Golf is not a sport and football is boring: welcome to Meerkat’s new reality.

24 // Jewel of the Isle: The Cycle Hub.
Olly Townsend heads north to Newcastle’s very own cycle-friendly café.

26 // Tooled Up: Part One.
Singletrack’s guide to the perfect toolkit. This issue we look at trail tools.

30 // Stat of the Art: What Pedals For…?
The readers of pedal on.

32 // We Work Here: Life on the Front Line.
Do mountain bike guides live the dream? Or is it just a daily nightmare? Olly spills the beans.

36 // International Travel: Bludgeoned by Awesomeness.
Joe Schwartz saddles up for Canada's BC Bike Race. All 350km of its twisty, technical, mountain bike nirvana self.

46 // International Travel: Aloha Oahu!
Volcanic beaches, tropical forests and hand-hewn, virgin singletrack. We join Steffi Marth on her Hawaiian quest for the most enviable mountain bike holiday snaps of all time.

58 // The Big Feature: Over The Water.
Northern Ireland’s mountain bike scene might have escaped your attention until now, but that’s about to change. We made a flying visit to Belfast and beyond to see what’s going on…

70 // Classic Rides: The Isle of Man.
So near, and yet so far. Jon Sparks takes a turn around one of Britain’s three Crown dependencies.

82 // Subscribe to Singletrack!
Get our magazine in your hand, on your desktop and through the internet in your pocket.

84 // Through the Grinder.
Ten pages of products roasted, ground and brewed into fine reviews for your coffee break pleasure.

94 // Speed Date: Pyga OneTen 29in.
We take Pyga’s full suspension 29in trail bike for a quick once-around-the-block.

98 // Grouptest: Baggy Shorts.
Still inflicting your Spandex-sheathed pins on the world? Read on and cover up.

114 // Bike Test: 2014 Objects of Desire.
Three bikes from the office 'most wanted' list: the Ibis Ripley, Kinesis Sync and Santa Cruz Solo.

124 // Premier Listings.
Proud owner of a Singletrack Premier Member’s card? This is what it gets you.

130 // We Just Work Here.
Who does what, how to get in touch, what helped this issue on its way and who we’d like to thank.


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