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Cover:  Photographer Rikard Lindby: “The reason we call ourselves mountain bikers has little to do with crowded bike parks, the latest energy drink or huge road gaps. Instead we are fuelled with an inherent desire to explore and to experience the raw beauty only nature can provide. The cold beer waiting at the end of the trail is just an added bonus. Captured in the trail riddled area of Engelberg, Switzerland. I think this image describes quite well what motivates me to set the alarm to before sun rise, pick up my bike and head up into the mountains. It carries the memory of a day well spent and the promise of more to come.”

Trail: Fürenalptrail. Riders from left to right: Oskar Enander and Rikard Lindby (I triggered the camera with a remote attached to the handlebars).

Issue 80 Contents:

9/ Editorial. Chipps advocates a bit of passive- aggressive trail maintenance. Because no one else is going to do it.

10/ International Travel: Boat 'n' Bike. Imagine a road trip to a place where t takes more than a day to ride all the singletrack. Now imagine that road trip is a boat trip. You're nearly there.

22/ The Big Column: Steve Worland. Some riders yearn for better suspension. Steve Worland is yearning for better rigid.

26/ Jewel Of The Isle. The Mountain Café, Aviemore comes under our appreciative culinary spotlight this issue.

28/ Column: Roly. Roly’s sideways view on the world looks at things – together and apart.

30/ Column: Appreciating The Past. Cass Gilbert bought the object of his boyhood dreams – an 80s Stumpjumper. Now he has to see if it lives up to his self-imposed hype.

32/ UK Feature: Reflecting Upon Water. Benji examines the joy (and melancholy) of lakes, tarns and waters high on the mountainsides of this country.

44/ The Bike Feature: Aesthetic Ability. Sim casts a designer’s eye over why good-looking bikes look so good. He finds that it’s no simple accident.

56/ International Travel: Busman’s Holiday. What did Chipps do on his holidays? He went on a mountain bike holiday to the Pyrenees. That’s what.

66/ UK Adventure: Tandemonium. A weekend of riding with16 riders,16 wheels but only eight bikes. A look at those giggle-amplifiers of the mountain bike world: the mountain bike tandem.

78/ Classic Rides: Cadair Idris. Pete Scullion gets laundered and blown-dry on the high, exposed classic mountainside that is Wales’ iconic Cadair Idris.

92/ Through The Grinder. More products tested by mountain bike monkeys, smashing things into rocks with typewriters. Or something.

106/ Grouptest: Trail Shoes. Ride anywhere steep and rocky and you’re going to need to put some walking time in to get where you need. We look at nine pairs of hike and bikeworthy shoes. 

114/ Bike Test: 650B or 27.5in. Whatever. Mid-size wheeled bikes from Cube, Scott and Saracen. Is it the future? It might just be.

126/ Premier Listings. A list of great deals from great dealers, hospitality and holiday companies, just for Singletrack subscribers.

130/ We Just Work Here. Who does what, how to get in touch, what helped this issue on its way and who we’d like to thank.


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