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Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine
September 2009

In the Interviews Issue:
Beaucoup Interviews
Beer Run
One Ton Weekend: Build a Pump Track
Singletrack Readers in Morzine
North York Moors Routes

Cover Picture: Matt Letch shoes off his pro elbows in Morzine. By Sim Mainey.
Contents Picture: Alex Allan cranking through a little known Yorkshire quarry. By Will Jones.
Spineline: Raw Flappit


Dave’s not here man.

International Travel: Norway Road Trip

Matt and Benji spend a week – and a small fortune – touring this Scandinavian mountain bike heaven.

The Interview Edition

An introduction to the main theme for this issue – asking loads of people loads of questions.

Interview: Mark Weir

The most famous moustache in mountain biking breaks his silence. Actually, he was pretty mouthy beforehand really.

Interview: Danny MacAskill

The urban trials riding YouTube sensation speaks about what it’s like to be suddenly really quite famous.

Column: C-Lo Radsville

Ms Radsville explains the trials and tribulations of being a beginner mountain biker when your other half has been doing it for years.

Interview: The Sram Guys

Dave Anderson rounds up a whole herd of componentry designers to find out what they dream about at night.

Bike Test: 4X Bikes

The Singletrack Test Squadron spent last past few weeks on a tour of the UK’s finest trail centres to see if they could find the Perfect Park Bike.

  • Commencal VIP Meta 4X
  • Foes 4X 2:1
  • Kona Bass
  • Xprezo GamJam

Beer Run

Oregon is the home of the American micro-brewery. Dan “Lucky Get” Barham got himself all liquored up and singletracked out.


A bumper crop of bits put the mitts of us lot. Real world testing in an increasingly virtual world. Featuring the Spooky Horror Taxi 650B bike.

  • Pendle Tilting 3 Bike Rack BM
  • Bontrager RXL Carbon Shoes
  • Nuke Proof Carbon Rigid Forks (Disc Only)
  • Alpkit Slim Jim Jeanius Jeans
  • Mavic Notch and Stratos Shorts
  • Pure Racing i900R Adjustable Seatpost
  • KMC Missing Link Pliers
  • Action Station
  • Giro Remedy Full Face Helmet
  • Montane FeatherLite Gillet
  • Spooky Horror Taxi 650B

Interview: Rowan Sorrell

Seeing as we’re testing “trail centre” bikes this bikes we thought we’d track down one of the guys who designs an builds the best ones.

Interview: MucOff’s Alex Trimnell

You may not recognize the name but you’re bound to recognize the pink fluid that he produces, so to speak.

Long Term Test Bikes

Here’s Benji with the latest update on his dirt jumping Diamondback Bandito and Sim with his sickeningly blinged-up Gary Fisher Roscoe.

  • Diamondback Bandito
  • Gary Fisher Super Roscoe

Column: Philly D

Philly is in a rut. He doesn’t want to be in it. How will he get out of it? And is it just a metaphorical rut or what?

Group Test: Bolt-Thru Forks

Here’s a roundup of a few of longish travel, lightish weight, air sprung bolt-thru forks from DT Swiss, Fox, Magura, Manitou and Rock Shox.

  • DT Swiss EXC150
  • Fox Talas 150 RLC QR15
  • Magura Thor
  • Manitou Minute Elite Absolute IT
  • Rock Shox Revelation Race

Cycle Show 2009

Roll up! Roll up! Read all about it! Here’s what delights are in store for you at this year’s cycling extravaganza in London town.

Singletrack Readers In Morzine

A bunch of you lot and a bunch of us lot spent a great week down in Morzine with the lovely crew at Flow MTB. Here’s what went down(hill).

One Ton Weekend: Building A Pump Track

Sim discovers what a mattock is when he tries to organize a digging posse to create something out of nothing.

Interview: Graphic Designer John Chennells

The guy in charge of making Orange Bikes have the right colour and the right decals. He also designs their catalogues and adverts.

Interview: Crawford Carrick-Anderson

Faye Stewart interviews “he’s deaf you know” Crawford Carrick-Anderson via sign language.

Interview: WTB’s Mark Slate

Our resident rubber geek Benji talks tyres with the guy who’s designed more than anyone else in the world.

Magura Competition

Win yourself a pair of forks or a set of disc brakes in our exclusive competition.

Blame The Dog

Mike Ferrentino’s regular letter from America. We’re beginning to wonder if he rides his bike at all or just screams at the internet all day.

Subscribe To Singletrack

Here’s how and, more importantly, why you should put your name down on the list.

Interview: The CTC’s Colin Palmer

This unsung hero of cycling access is the reason why we’re still allowed to ride bikes on Snowdon. Respect is due.

Interview: Geoff Waugh

One of mountain bike photography’s Establishment. He’ll hate that title. He’s a great guy as well as a great snapper.

Column: Matt Letch

Our anti-hero just can’t help himself when it comes to turning perfectly good bikes into things that they just don’t want to be.

Gallery: Steve Makin

Did you make the most of Summer? Steve did okay by the looks of things. Here’s a collection of his most evocative shots.

Route Guide: North York Moors

Jonathan Bateman shows us round the north part of the National Park. If you go now you’re guaranteed to experience maximum purple heather.

Subscribers’ Club

The listing of all the benefits and discounts you’re entitled to as a Singletrack Magazine Subscriber.


The nineteenth hole.

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