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North York Moors

Olly Townsend takes us on a tour of this epic northern landscape.

Words & Photography olly townsend

"That was where I nearly met my maker," said Mike. I craned my neck to try to see where the trail went next. It looked like the perfect ribbon of handlebar-width singletrack, but a short distance in front of us it dipped steeply away and went around a 90° left-hand bend. The drop-off to the right-hand side, although not completely vertical, was steep enough that if you misjudged the corner, or got pinged off line by an errant rock, the consequences could involve a short flight, followed by a much longer flight in a large yellow whirlybird.

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Thanks to

North York Moors National Park for lending us Mike Hawtin, their Outdoor Activity Tourism Officer. Mike’s local knowledge, contacts, trail skills and endless patience were invaluable in researching and writing this article.

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