Singletrack Issue 112 GPX File

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Cannocking on heaven’s door

In this slightly unusual Classic Ride, Barney takes the Chase to Cannock…

Words & Photography Barney Marsh

Before we begin, a quick word in your shell-like, if I may – because this is a ‘classic ride’ with a difference. Cannock Chase is a relatively small patch of greenery, and it already has some rather spiffing man-made trails built upon it. There’s more to it than that, granted – but to ignore the purpose-built stuff completely would be churlish, especially when an awful lot of it is so much fun. And, especially, as this is a ‘classic’ ride, rather than a ‘untrammelled trail’ ride, or a ‘bridle path only’ ride. It may include sections of purpose-made trail, but hey – enough explanations. All you need to do is head over and ride it yourself; you’ll see…

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