Singletrack Issue 108 ePub

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Singletrack Issue 108 ePub

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published September 8, 2016.

Racing Sri LankaJason Miles discovers that a multi-day stage race is hard enough without heat, humidity and a constant vigilance for elephant charges.

issue 108, pete scullion, coffin roads, lake distric
Coffin Roads

Lakeland Coffin RoadsPete Scullion continues his look into these historic routes with a lasting mountain bike-friendly legacy

classic ride, issue 108, doethie valley
Doethie Valley

Doethie ValleyAnother bucket list bit of pristine singletrack that you absolutely need to ride at least once in your life.

Sandstone WayDoes the newest long distance trail in England need doing? Very much so, reckons Oli Townsend, who had to keep up with riders intent on riding its 120 miles non-stop.

Bike Test - Titanium hardtailsThere’s no better reason for getting a titanium bike than ‘Because I want to!’ We look at three wildly differing offerings from J.Guillem, Kona and Stanton.

Grouptest - Waterproof shorts - Sorry, but the summer’s not going to last forever. We’ve been out in the murky days to test the best hopes for dry bums this winter.

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Blackburn, issue 108, bikepacking

Blackburn Rangers - Not a new football team, but the touring component company’s efforts to send new adventurers out into the wilds, to spread the message of bike touring and camping.

Pass’Portes Du Soliel & Morzine - Rob heads to the alps in search of strong French beer, secret singletrack and the Pass’Portes Du Soleil. All a stone’s throw from his fancy chalet in Morzine.

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