Singletrack Issue 107 ePub

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Singletrack Issue 107 ePub

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'So what’s in the mag this issue?' I hear you ask. Read on and whet your appetite with riding/reading goodness!

Ride for days to get here - or just take the boat

International Adventure: Southern nights, endless trails.
Rickie Cotter's truly epic trip down the length of New Zealand, complete with beautiful watercolour illustrations by Beate Kubitz.

UK Adventure: Be careful what you wish for…
We nearly broke our editor while riding some of the Howgill Fells remotest singletrack.

Howgills: Handy cafes, bike shops and Mountain Rescue, not pictured

Classic Ride: The Dark Peak.
The riding around Hope Cross in the Dark Peak is definitely on the ‘must do’ lists for every UK mountain biker. It's a Classic Ride for a reason. Not ridden it for a while? NEVER ridden it? Then you need to get yourself to the Peaks...

Rocks, trees, trails - and ice cream at the bottom. The Peaks has it all.

No prizes for being able to recognise this view. It's a classic!

Grouptest: GPS Units
David Hayward puts six GPS units through torture to see which is the best for trail use, mapping, Strava and finding yourself again.

Bike Test: Proper mountain, mountain bikes
Barney looks at three 160mm bikes from Focus, Scott and Specialized designed to get you up the big hills and back down again with fun and style.

Racehead: Scotland the awesome.

TweedLove and the Fort William World Cup are proof of Scotland’s superiority over all - at least for a month every summer.

Last Word: A question of perception.
Tom Hutton and Matt Letch go head to head in discussing how mountain biking needs to be presented to the wider world if we’re to increase (or even defend) our trail access.

And, as they say, much much more: Product reviews, columns, tests and random burblings for all!


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