Singletrack Issue 104 GPX File

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Singletrack Issue 104 GPX File

Look at that cover - dust! Remember that? The state that mud returns to for a couple of weeks a year? Ah...dust...warm golden sunshine...evening's coming… Spring is coming! And so is Issue 104 - so make sure you order a copy now and get yourself a bunch of inspiration and interest to get your legs a-twitching and wanting to ride.

Issue 104 cover, colin meagher

What's inside?

Hans Rey – No Way? Yes Way! 30 years as a sponsored bike rider. Hans must be doing something right. We chat over burgers and beer.
Bike Test: Hardcore Hardtails – We test three examples of that very British of bike categories: the long forked hardtail, with bikes from Ritchey, Onza and Chromag.
Classic Calderdale – Sim ponders our need to name trails and places on a guided tour of Singletrack’s own home trails.
Trail helmets – 12 (count them!) trail helmets ridden and rated.
Early Rider – a profile of a company that’s making kids’ bikes cool again
Nepal – Spectacular views and bikepacking courtesy of Miranda Murphy, Todd Weselake and Steve Shannon.
Joe Barnes – A profile of enduro racer, former downhill racer and Dude of Hazzard Joe Barnes

Stunning photography accompanies our Nepal Bike Packing feature.

And in our supplementary section, available to Subscribers or through our shop and network of Premier Dealers - but not on the Newsstand:

Shimano: behind the blue veil – Chipps goes to Japan (and Singapore) to see what makes this very private company tick.
Retro Bikes Were the good old days better, or just different? Warning: may contain pictures of alarming outfits.

Go on, get it ordered, you know you want to!

As well as all that, subscribers get:

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