Singletrack Issue 101 GPX File

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Singletrack Issue 101 GPX File

This issue's cover is shot by the inimitable Sam Needham.


Issue 101 is here- filled to the brim with everything you like about riding your bike.

Here are the contents:

  • Editorial -  Chipps wonders if it’s better to spend your money on bike riding experiences than shiny things for your bike.
  • International Travel: Legends across Iceland - Steve Peat and Hans Rey take on an epic trip to cross Iceland on bikes, but things don’t go to plan.
  • Singletrack Heroes - Martyn Ashton - The winner of our 2015 ‘Singletrack Legend’ award talks to us about where his life is at right now. And it’s a good place to be.
  • UK Epic - Epic Cymru - Joe Murray takes on a five day race across South Wales, with timed climbs, timed descents and un-timed beers.
  • International Adventure - Mac’s mission - What do you tell your nine year old when he announces a desire to ride the length of New Zealand? Craig Madsen said ‘OK. Let’s get planning!’
  • Racehead - Singletrack6 - Riders said the Trans Rockies wasn’t fun enough, so the organisers created Singletrack6 and tried to beat them with epic singletrack for a week.
  • Classic Ride - The Clee Hills - It seems that the mysterious ‘Ludlow, Bewdley, Bridgnorth Triangle’ is fraught with danger, as our route guide adventurers discovered to their peril.
  • Column - Meet your maker - You don’t really expect your tour guide of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame to be Joe Breeze, but it happened to this reader.
  • The 2015 Singletrack Reader Awards - Who won what, who was there, and who had seconds of curry? It’s all in here.
  • The #JennRide page - A huge thanks to the many supporters of our Jenn’s brawl with cancer.
  • Grouptest - Trail lights - Ten lights, from £54 to £800, to light your way this winter, whether you’re an occasional dabbler or a veteran of mountain biking the dark months.
  • Bike Test - Goldilocks Travel - Not too much, not too little, but just right? Three 130mm, 27.5in bikes from GT, Kona and Santa Cruz tested.
  • Through the Grinder - Summer is dead, the trees have changed and we have eight pages of product reviews for you!
  • Grinder Bike - Trek Lush - Trek’s full suspension, carbon, women’s all-rounder shows that boys don’t get all the good bikes.
  • Premier Listings - Where to wave your Premier Member’s Card for exclusive deals and discounts.
  • We Just Work Here - Where we are, who does what, and what helped this issue on its way.
  • Subscribe To Singletrack! - Want the great and gorgeous 132-page Subscriber Edition of Singletrack? Then you need to do this.

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  • Column - Roly’s World - Roly tries to show a family member the joys of mountain biking; with limited success and plenty of stops for ice cream.
  • UK Adventure - Ridge Riders - Inspired by Danny MacAskill, Sanny seeks out some iconic Scottish mountain ridges to ride.
  • Room 101 - Some bikes, people, components and habits need to be cast into Room 101. Mark is judge, jury and executioner for the first instalment.
  • Column - Adele Mitchell - The thinking woman’s bike build. Think you can put together a more suitable bike for your needs than the bike companies? Adele thinks she can.

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