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Look at this cover shot. LOOK AT IT!

SINGLETRACK_99-COVER_subsIsn't it gorgeous?

Cover photo by Nathan Hughes:

Famed more for its fine white wines than its idyllic trails, it's high time we restored the balance at Stellenbosch in favour of all things two-wheeled. Welcome to the outskirts of Jonkershoek National Park, South Africa and the 'G-spot' to be precise! Carved out of the orange, sun-baked dirt between the bush, just 50km from Cape Town, you'll find some immaculately sculpted flow trails with picture-perfect berms pushing you over neat little step-downs, all best enjoyed at warp-speed. Trek's Steffi Marth goes for just 'one more' run before the sun sets and the hyenas come scavenging for bikes and bodies…

Jay Z may have 99 Problems, but we have 99 issues! (Guess how long I've been waiting to write that).

Here are the contents of issue 99.

Editorial.: When we get to be old giffers. Let's be like these old giffers.

We work here: Tweedlove.: Dave travels to Peebles to find out what it takes to put on (and pull off) a massive event like the TweedLove festival.

Singletrack Reader Awards 2015.:The most popular reader-voted mountain bike awards in the UK are back! Here's how to vote.

International Travel: Hidden Italy.: Molini di Trioria is just over the mountains from Finale and the Riviera, with equally epic riding, but it's a world away in pace of life.

Singletrack Heroes – Neil Delafield.: We profile a self-made event organiser who's putting mid-Wales on the map.

UK Adventure – Welsh Road-Trippin'.: Sam Flanagan revisits a trip to North Wales when the weather wasn't quite as warm as it could have been, but the riding was still amazing.

International Travel: Slovenia.: Barney tours this hidden gem, taking in all of the hot spots in as short a time as possible.

Classic Ride: The Quantocks.: Pete Scullion leaves Scotland, rides this Somerset classic and returns impressed.

Grouptest: Light, powerful brakes.: Are you a hard-charging rider? Off to the Alps? Just love slowing down? Then we've tested the brakes you'll need.

Bike Test: 160mm bikes.: What used to be the travel of downhill bikes now makes a tasty trail machine. Three bikes from Giant, Merida and Norco tested.

Through the Grinder.: A spring of riding has given us a summer of products to review. Everything from cranks to jackets put through the grinder.

Grinder Bike: Swarf Spline 29.: Is a handmade in the UK steel bike worth the wait and the money? Barney seems to think so.

We just work here.: Where we are, who does what, and what helped this issue on its way.

Premier Listings.: Where to wave your Premier Member's Card for exclusive deals and discounts.

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UK Riding: Malverns Magic.: This small group of hills has produced champion riders in all disciplines. Chipps tries to find out what the secret is.

Baby Feature: Searching for Gold.: Sam Flanagan's photo essay shows that summer sunsets are best appreciated in contrast with their winter cousins.


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