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What's on the cover?

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We chose a shot by Ale Di Lullo for this issue's cover. The glowing dust surrounding Darren Berrecloth as he shreds that Californian ridge is exactly what we're hoping to find when we leave the office tomorrow and go and ride our bikes. Although we suspect we could replace 'glowing dust' with 'murky drizzle' - and 'Californian Ridge' will no doubt be substituted with 'Calderdale snicket'. But THAT'S NOT GOING TO STOP US!

Anyway, here's a quick look at the prime cuts of issue 98.

Adventures in e-bikes: they say you can take them up a mountain – so we did!

Madeira: it’s not all about the sherry, there are trails there too.

Chipps tackles the Plus Size Conspiracy with the aid of a few industry insiders.

The Classic Ride goes to Skye and gets rained on. Then snowed on. Then rained on again…

We Work Here gets Back on Track with the Welsh trail builders.

Fancy a riding holiday with a difference? Do your homework and you could end up on Sweden’s epic Bohusleden…

Our tame XC racer is set loose on three race hardtails from Ritchey, Santa Cruz and Scott.

We get our mitts on lots of trail gloves, and Grinder goes gourmet with a savoury mix of all things springlike and trail.

Issue 98 of Singletrack is on sale 11th June 2015.

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