Singletrack Issue 97 Downloads

And Issue 97 is here! We're getting ancient now. Here's what's in store this issue.

The latest issue of the mag will be arriving on newsstands across the country in a couple of weeks time - the official on sale date is 30th April, but subscribers get their copies first. If you're not signed up, go here and subscribe (if you want your sub to start with this issue, then you need to have subscribed by midnight on Sunday 19th April)

Issue 97's cover shot is by Christoph Laue, on the border between Austria and Germany. It's making us excited for our summer hols, and that hot pine/dust/suncream smell...


The Old Ghost Road is 88km of singletrack in New Zealand’s South Island. Chipps follows in the footsteps of the gold miners and gets his mind blown. Nan Bield could be the perfect ride to tempt trail centre heroes out into the backcountry – Sam Flanagan explains why. Chipps tackles an enduro tour, Scottish-style, on his springtime traverse of the Tweed Valley and if you’re in search of a quiet, out-of-the-way holiday destination that still gives you a mountain bike fix, Tuscany might fit the bill.

Back in the UK, Jenn gets a Classic Ride in between Eastbourne and Friston, mixing sweet forest singletrack with wide-open South Downs cruising. Roly has – finally! – got a modern bike and would like to tell you all about it, while reinvention as a cross-country racer causes Steve the Butcher to face some home truths – not least, the realisation that he’s thinking like a girl…

We get our heads round progressive geometry and test bikes from Canfield, Jones and Mondraker. The grouptest looks at flat pedal shoes for your flat pedal feet and Grinder tackles the latest batch of all that was once new and shiny in our test box, including Norco’s Sight Alloy 7.0 140mm do-everything bike.

In the exclusive Subscriber Supplement, Mark Mackay and friends head out from Nelson, B.C., in search of the elusive ‘alpine’, and Singletrack Heroes talks to the women behind #trailtakeover about the trials and tribulations of social media wrangling and good trail times.


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