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Singletrack issue 96 is here!

Hope’s Team Green cruises down the autoroute to Briançon for a spot of product testing and Alpine adventure. Nicolas Switalski heads to Mexico for an enduro event with a difference: the ‘Mil Rios’ (Thousand Rivers), which celebrates the Day of the Dead. Jungle Distribution is Nidderdale’s nicest bike emporium; Barney takes We Work Here to its doorstep to find out where it came from, what it’s doing and where it thinks it might be going. Chipps chats to the organisers of the Scott 100 to find out what makes them tick (clue: it takes more than just 3,000 litres of water, 2,000 bananas, 30kg of jelly babies and 10kg of peanuts). The Classic Ride heads to the Welsh Borders with Greg May for something that’s close to, but not quite, Llandegla, and famed frame builder Frank the Welder is our Singletrack Hero.

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On the test front it’s hardtails galore this issue, with three carbon hardtails from Giant, Merida and Saracen, plus Zealous’ 26in-a-like 29-inch trail bike put through the Grinder. The grouptest looks at merino jerseys and Grinder has eight pages of the products we’ve been putting through their paces.

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Out back, the exclusive Subscriber Supplement catches up with Ed Oxley as he revisits his award-winning, 2009 Man & Boy feature – now they’re Dad & Lad, with Dad making a living as a skills teacher and lad embarking on his first season as a World Cup downhill racer – and Dave rummages deep into his guide pack to talk about first aid kits, what should be in them, and why you should have one in your pack too.



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