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Singletrack Issue 117 Downloads

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We’re on the downhill run to Spring, just a few more weeks of slop and then surely the trails will be drying out and the sound of lambs reaching our ears? Until then, there’s time to get your ‘best bike’ prepped for better weather, and maybe there’s even time to get your body in shape for a few big days out once things warm up. To remind you why we ride and of all that is good and still to come, we bring you Issue 117, a ray of sunshine in the final throes of winter…

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer, or an armchair fantasist, this issue’s tales of adventure should whet your appetite:

Issue 117, Pete Scullion - coffin road - scotland
Not Dead Yet - Pete Scullion takes us on another historical Coffin Road tour, this time in the wilds of Scotland.

issue 117, trail hunter, tom fenton, borders
Trail Hunter - Border Trail - Tom Fenton heads to the northern fringes of England in search of more of the best trails the UK has to offer, this time skirting the Scottish/English border on a frigid day.

Issue 117, classic ride, tom hutton, dunnerdale, the lakes
Classic Ride - Dunnerdale  - Tom Hutton takes us on a tour on the Western side of the Lake District - away from the big tourist crowds, but still big on scenery.

Is it time for some new bike bits? Or maybe a whole new bike? Whether you’re shopping or just keeping up to date with the latest innovations, our tech features will while away some more winter gloom:


Wil takes on a build-your-own bamboo bike kit. Will he glue himself to the frame? Will he be attacked by a panda? Will he build himself a bike, or a bike shaped object? Wil tells us the tale through his epoxy-induced high.

Bike Test - Unsprung Heroes

Chipps checks out fully rigid bikes from Kona, Pinnacle and Surly and discovers that no suspension doesn’t mean no fun. It just needs a re-evaluation of your outlook.

Group Test - Platform Clip Ins

Wil checks out eight pairs of pedals with platforms for support as well as cleats for security. Full reviews of the best four will be published in this issue, along with summaries of the runners up.

Singletrack Recommended

We only recommend the products we’d spend our own hard earned cash on - what gets our vote this issue?

Fancy a giggle? Or something a bit more thought provoking? Or maybe even both - then  these features will fit the bill.

Room 101

Charlie The Bikemonger sets all judicial process to one side and passes his decrees on what will or will not be banished from the cycling world for ever.

Column: Jason Miles

Our award winning columnist is settling in to his new life in Scotland - by going on a ski holiday, where he learns that being a beginner again can be refreshing. And finding a whole new avenue of kit to need.

Give Up Your Job

We look at people who have made the leap from ‘normal’ jobs to working in the bike industry. Could you quit the rat race and turn your hobby into a job?

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PLUS in our Premier Edition (subscriber-only) section:

issue 117, fat bike, austalia, dunes, desert, adventures
We Can’t See The Pub From Here! - A group of friends set out to raise money by crossing the world’s largest dune desert, The Simpson Desert, in Australia. People tell them not to do it, but they load up their fat bikes and do it anyway and they survive to tell us the tale.


issue 117, adrian carter, interview, pace
Interview: Adrian Carter - Chipps chats to the man behind Pace Cycles, the British brand that’s slipped from view in recent years, but as we find out, this none-more-Yorkshire brand is quietly preparing for a renaissance.

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