Singletrack Issue 112 ePub

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Singletrack Issue 112 ePub


EditorialChipps wonders where all the mountain bike heroes will go.

Room 101a couple of things that really get us wound up. But are they enough to be condemned to the Room?

issue 112, morocco blues, opener
International Adventure: Morocco Blues - a look at the Morocco that tourists rarely get to see.

Trail Hunter: The Wayfarer. Berwyn Mountainsthese oft-overlooked mountains in north Wales hold some tasty promises.

issue 112, romania
International Adventure: Riding Romania - it’s accessible, seldom visited and beautiful. Here’s a road trip through the best of it.

Column: Jason Milesit seems you don’t get to be a winning 24 hour solo racer without getting annoyed about stuff.

Biketest: Zombie Apocalypse Bikesit’s the near future and society has broken down. A bike means freedom. But which one? We look at three British bikes from BTR, Olsen and Shand.

issue 112, opener, Cannocking on heaven's door, cannock chase
Classic Ride: Cannock Chase - Barney finds fun and challenges in this popular area that locals love and which non-locals often forget about.

Grouptest: Pads for Pedallingnow that pads are all-day comfortable, there’s a huge choice of what to wear. We recommend the best ones for each job.

Singletrack Recommended - What the Singletrack team believe to be the cream of the crop when it comes to test products.

Issue 112, kit bag, BC Level-2 Guide
Kit Bag - Our new feature delves into the bags of mountain bike riders of every discipline. This issue, Chipps shows us exactly what he needs to carry in his pack as a qualified BC Level-2 Guide.

Oddball - Our random series of ‘just another thing’ begins with 6 mouth watering cheeses to celebrate great riding spots of the UK.

Premier Section

issue 112, 3 peaks, the real peaks, sanny, nick craig
UK Adventure: Three Peaks (The Wrong Way) - Nick Craig and Sanny take on an impossible circuit of the Lake District in a (long) day. Which one broke first?

International Adventure: Danny MacAskill and Hans Rey take on Mt Kilimanjaro - two of the world’s best known stunt riders take on a huge mountain challenge.

Column: RolyRoly Lambert vows to stop being ‘that guy’. Again.

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