Singletrack Issue 111 Downloads

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Singletrack Issue 111 Downloads


Issue 111, chipps, moab, contents
Contents shot by Chipps Chippendale

Issue 111, tom fenton, Trail Hunter, Fremington Edge
Trail Hunter, Fremington Edge, Yorkshire Dales - Tom Fenton seeks out more unmissable singletrack.

Issue 111, Chipps, Frame building, mitre, file, braze, TIG weld, from scratch
Frame Building - Chipps builds his own bike, from scratch. He’s going to need to learn how to mitre, file, braze and, finally TIG weld. Is it something that anyone can learn?

breakfast Club, Issue 111, Sanny
Breakfast Club - Sanny heads out for an overnighter in the hills and not too far away in search of adventure.

Issue 111, Katy Winton, Interview
Interview - Pete Scullion chats racing, riding and hot chocolate with Trek’s enduro racer Katy Winton.

Classic Ride, Issue 111, Breacon Beacons
Classic Ride, Brecon Beacons - Barney ventures out where the SAS learn their survival skills. Barney’s version is far more civilised.


  • Col de Colorado - Jerome Clementz grabs some down time and heads up, up and up to Colorado’s highest point.
  • Room 101 - your arguments against those cycling things which do not belong in this world. Will Judge Mark be persuaded by your case?
  • Last Word - Roly makes excuses about why all his bikes are broken.
  • Flowery Wotsit - Hannah gets all wibbly about new horizons.
  • 29+ Bikes - Big wheels just got bigger. Bikes from Jones, Salsa and Trek that take the oversize thing to extremes.
  • Trail Pumps - We test out a platoon of pumps to prevent your punctures pooping your party out on the trail.
  • Grinder Bike - Wil’s been thrashing the Whyte T-130. Find out how he got on.
  • Through the Grinder - Products carefully marinated in Pennine grit then roasted thoroughly at warp speed 5.

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